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Bank holidays

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Crazycake Wed 27-Mar-13 05:39:08

I've always charged time and a half on bank holidays if I work it and normal price if I don't. My parents have always stayed with their children and I've been payed as normal. This morning one of my parents have said they need to send their child on Friday for a couple of hours as he has 'a few things to do' hmm
I normally charge £40 per day as I have him from 5.30am, should I go ahead and charge £60 (time and a half) or is that too much because
A) I've only just been told and was looking forward to the bank holiday off.
B) I know that his dads not in work (mum told me) and feel he wants a few hours to himself.

lechatnoir Thu 28-Mar-13 23:39:52

If they won't pay the contracted rate (ie 1.5x) for bank holiday then please don't take them. Do it this once & you'll find yourself doing it every bank holiday. And I'd seriously think about changing the terms of your contract if you charge the same rate before 7:30am. She changed the hours now you need to get your business head on and charge accordingly. If she values you that much (& with no one else willing to work this early I'd be surprised if she doesn't) then she much appreciate 5:30am is out of hours & should be charged as such.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Fri 29-Mar-13 17:33:16

Yy - say you can have him for the full day at time and a half as per your contract, or not at all. They are paying £40 anyway so it's only an extra £20, not an extra £60.

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