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Parent coming to visit me (I am a childminder)- what to remember

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MUM2BLESS Tue 26-Mar-13 21:40:12

Hi its been a while since I have had a visit from a parent, as I have not taken any new ones on for a while.

I have a general ideas what to include. What would you include in a first time visit.

What would you let them have if they decide to go ahead.

I will be asking for paymnet in advance, how do yo word this and how have you set this up ? ie bank transfer?

Thank you lovely people!!

ReetPetit Tue 26-Mar-13 22:26:51

i always tell new parents i take payment in advance. i give them my bank details and they set up a standing order - easier than invoicing i find although some prefer it as you can take into account any changes in money owed etc.

i like to get a good idea of parent/child on first visit and decide whether they are suitable for me as much as me for them.

something i want to get better at is finding out what they do with child at home, ie, if a baby do they rock/breastfeed/walk round the block etc to get to sleep, as these things are not practical for most cms and i tend to only find out what really goes on at home once i have started child!! hmm

minderjinx Wed 27-Mar-13 07:54:02

I ask parents with babies to visit with them at a convenient time when the baby is fed and rested so that I can get an idea what they are like "normally" and not when tired or hungry. I ask about routines at home and am careful to raise the fact that there may need to be some compromises to fit in with school runs, playgroups etc. and try to guage how relaxed or otherwise the parents are about this. I see whether the little one will play with me and whether they are interested in the other children and toys. I think it's less about asking specific questions and more about whether you get on with the parent(s) and your setting seems a good fit for the child.

MUM2BLESS Wed 27-Mar-13 08:51:25

Thank you for your help. Made notes Nice one!!!

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