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CM club. Anyone doing or did Diploma Children and young people workfare L3?

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BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 11:45:06

Hi, I just have few questions about the DCYPWL3. How often the tutors assess you on your setting? Do you want to create a new portfolio for the course or use the same one you are doing for your own records as a CM? Is the assessment at your setting a bit like a Ofsted inspection? Do you have to create specific activities for the kids or just go on with your normal routine? Can the tutors go with you and assess you at playgroups or has to be in your home?

looneytune Sun 24-Mar-13 18:02:16

I'm doing the level 3 Diploma in Children and Young Persons Workforce and believe it depends on who you are doing it with. I'm doing mine through MNT Training and they ususally come out to assess you at the end of each module so 3 times, mine came twice as I'm finishing childminding tomorrow and although it was my end of module 2 visit, I asked for her to observe all that was needed for module 3 as I wouldn't have any children with me by the time I finished module 3.

Not sure what you mean about portfolio? I just set up files and printed off each workbook as I got to it, all assignments are done online but I keep a printed copy in my file. As for the assessor, she was friendly and sat observing and asking questions that she needed to ask but I was aware of what she was looking for as the prep you do before the visit makes it clear. She typed away on her ipad or whatever and it wasn't like an inspection, just her covering whatever she needed to cover for the course. I had to create specific actvities according to the plans I'd made for some assignments based on obs done but I had more of that stuff because of the optional units I chose to study but yes, thereis some of that although I don't think there was for module 3, I forget now! Our assessor is home based and it wouldn't be appropriate to go out but as it's not often she came out it wasn't a problem. But this is via MNT, other providers of the course may be different.

Good luck

BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 20:05:21

Hi, thanks for the reply. By portfolio, I meant a collection of photos/observations/next steps of learning like ofsted advises CMs to do. Do we need to do one of those just for the course or the assessor have a look at the ones we have already plus other paperwork? Interesting you saying you are closing, because I am too. If I decide go ahead with the course I will start in May and close in july so unless I find a job in a nursery it will be impossible to finish the course and will have to pay the funding money back and not receive the diploma. The opportunity to the course came after my decision to close. Really don't know what to do.

looneytune Sun 24-Mar-13 20:32:20

Oh right. No, no need to do anything different for them, you just do the assignments and then when they ask or stuff like this, you do it then but use child A/B etc. as they are not see any stuff with identity on - this is certainly how it is with my training company anyway. Depending on who you are using, I'd be wary about taking it on so soon to leaving as mine isn't a quick course. I do know some people who got fast tracked but the course I'm doing could not possibly be done in that short time, even if not working on top of doing the course! I started mine 2 years ago but I have had breaks between modules as had a lot of personal stuff going on. I'd have never in a million years chosen to start this if I knew I was closing but as I'd done 2 modules, I didn't want to have done that for nothing so I'm continuing with it. If you plan to stay in childcare then it's worth it but like you say, you'll need access to children in your setting or at a nursery to be assessed.

BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 20:55:35

It will be done over 18 months, one day per month excluding August.
I am in two minds if I take the risk of starting than closing than finding a job in a nursery (assessors already said that would be ok) or just not start at all.
Childcare is what I really want to do but childmidindg isn't working for me anymore unfortunately, because of a few circumstances...

looneytune Sun 24-Mar-13 21:05:52

If you think you'll stay in childcare then go for it smile My training company have been really flexible to help due to my change in circumstances so you'll probably be fine. For me it's different as I'm stopping after almost 8 years due to an unexpected 3rd baby coming along, I go on Maternity Leave after tomorrow but due to my house needing lots of changes to make room for baby, I will no longer have room to childmind and at this stage I don't know what I'll do next but it certainly won't be childcare unless maybe nannying with my own children. If your assessor is aware and thinks all will be ok then go for it. When you say 1 day a month over 18 months, is this the assessor coming? Whatever it is it sounds very different to the structure of my course and I know they are all done differently.

BoringTheBuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 21:14:45

It is one saturday per month from 8:30 until 3:30 in the classroom plus the written work we do from home plus the setting assessment, but I have no idea exactly how many times the assessor will need to visit.
I just worry in NOT finding a job after I close because this will make it impossible for me to finish the course. Assessor already said I can't use voluntary work in childcare settings for the course unless it is very short and temporary to fill gaps until I get a job. I need to be in employment.
Anyway, I am expecting a phone call before the Easter holidays to see if I passed the exam or not. Than I will have to tell them my decision...

looneytune Sun 24-Mar-13 21:17:57

Oh that sounds better, mine was all just home assignments and a massive amount of work to try and fit in with an already hectic life! I'd talk to them some more about it, find out what happens re funding etc. if you are unable to complete it due to those sort of circumstances. What would happen if you planned on childminding but business dried up for example? There must be ways round this?! Good luck with your decision, not an easy one!

anewyear Mon 25-Mar-13 10:14:12

Hi Im doing the CYPW level 3, My course is a year long. I have 2 more question to finish, am waiting for my tutor to get back on these and then thats it Im done, finished, no more Yaaaay grin

I was fully funded.

I Went in to college every other Wednesday evening for about 6-8 sessions I think it was. And as Loonet said all assignments done at home.
Ive found it really hard going, I must admit, and on one of the feed back form I actually said due to other commitments such as work and homelife I felt the course should be longer.

I am a Ofsted Registered Childminder plus I work at our local Pre School on a Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri, after finishing there its straight round to our local school to pick mindees up, the last one goes at 6.30, I found it hard to fit everything in.

BoringTheBuilder Mon 25-Mar-13 11:33:00

But if you have time on your hands is it a pleasant interesting course to do? Do you see any advantages in doing it ands did you actually learn anything? Will this qualification open up doors for you in settings other than child minding? I think I'm deciding keep one mindee only, who requires flexible hours so I won't feel trapped and will actually have time now and than. Hope to convince parents to sign him up for a private nursery and get his 15 hours free childcare there (he turns 3 soon) so qualified teachers can enhance his learning. I can't offer him the 15 hours anyway as he live in the neighbour borough and CMs can't offer 15 hours free childcare if child isn't from same least I think I've read it somewhere, correct if I'm wrong.

ConfusedPixie Mon 25-Mar-13 22:50:41

I'm doing mine through MNT. I have no portfolio! I have notes in a hundred different notebooks, pictures and films on my computer, most of my observations are film based as the charge that I officially observe hates me sitting with a pen to paper and I never get around to writing them up blush I do have a list of what is on each film and the EYFS points that they cover though!

anewyear Tue 26-Mar-13 10:25:18

'Is it an Pleasant, interesting course to do?'
I dont often tell people this, but many many moons ago (20yrs+)
I did the (2 year as it was back then/Full time, 3 placements) NNEB, due to various things going on in my life back then, I failed my course and couldnt afford to re sit the 6mths they wanted me to do.

I have always worked, with children in one capacity or another
I started Childminding as to be honest as I didnt know what else I could do with two reasonabley small children, and no qualifications, and as awfull as it sounds, means to an end I guess.
And to be honest if they were to ever give me more hours at Pre School I would stop minding, I would love my home back.
Ideally I have always wanted to work in either Pre School/Nursery or Reception class,
So when I started working in Pre School 14mths ago, I decided to find out about getting a childcare qualification.
A lot of it is knowledge I had learnt back then and courses I have done as a Childminder, it was just basically brining me up to date.

ConfusedPixie Tue 26-Mar-13 16:51:37

Oh, on your second Q, it's boring as hell. It's great for the first couple of months where you are learning new things, and there are bits later on where you are getting bits. But I have spent so much time rewording the same answers, I'm regretting paying for the course and doing it. I'm on Mod3 now, most of Module 2 was rewording answers I'd already given, or trawling through my old answers to refer my tutor to certain bits. It's the same with Mod3.

However I've been told that I over-research and do too much work for a level 3 (by all three of my tutors!) so I do think if you stick to the basic answers and don't look into it too much then it shouldn't be as much repetition. but I like to know the background of the answer before I try and give it!

BoringTheBuilder Tue 26-Mar-13 20:48:33

ConfusedPixie, I had the same feed back when I was doing level 2. I was writing too much, complicating things, should stick to the is disappointing as I was trying to do a outstanding work. I guess the assessors don't have time to read too much and for them it must be even more boring than it is for us...
Also I think I get a bit competitive and want to be better than the others grin
Why, oh why I didn't act like this when I was younger......

ConfusedPixie Tue 26-Mar-13 21:28:00

Yeah, I have had my current tutor blatantly not read any of the work I've handed in before, which was very frustrating. yes it may be more than your usual level 3 student, but it's your job to read it! she started telling me i hadn't answered X, Y and Z criteria, so I copied and pasted the sections to her and passed. This was a four page document hmm

I wish I'd been like this when younger too, I was 'naturally bright' and didn't want to put any work into it. Now I'm still a bit lazy but also chronically ill, so when I am feeling well the last thing I want to be doing is homework! grin

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