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CM's could I have your thoughts on naps?

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FunnysInLaJardin Thu 21-Mar-13 15:51:29

I have a bit of an issue with regard to my DC2, who has not long turned 3, and him still napping in the day. He is in FT childcare with my lovely CM but still sleeps for a couple of hours every day. I know he doesn't need a nap and never does at home, but seems to be in the habit of it at CM's. The problem is if he naps he then doesn't sleep until about 10pm which is far too late.

I have asked a few times that he isn't given a nap and my CM says that he asks to sleep, but I'm sure she could persuade him not to. I suspect that it suits for him to nap and makes life generally easier, but the problem is it makes our life much more difficult.

So really is it unreasonable to ask her to make sure he doesn't nap, or should I just go with it, knowing that by September he will be at nursery and all will be resolved anyway?

forevergreek Fri 22-Mar-13 15:29:22

It's not a trade secret, but each plan is personalised to each family/ child according to Many factors (age/ diet/ excercise/ commutication/siblings/ house etc). A 1 year old who shares a room, doesn't walk yet, or talk for example would have a v different plan to say a 6 month old who is predominantly with a childcarer or 3 year old who's plan may need to cover living between different houses with divorced parents.

Ps average is around £350

doughnut44 Mon 25-Mar-13 08:46:34

forevergreek do you have a website link with this information? I have a parent who do not want their child to sleep (22month) during the day but this child NEEDS to sleep in my opinion. It makes no difference to me if they are awake - I do not get a break as I have an 8 month old who will only sleep for half an hour at a time so that doesn't come into it. I am only thinking of the child.

Jelly15 Thu 28-Mar-13 10:15:49

If a child is tired I let them nap but once they get to 2.5 I try to make sure it is no longer than an hour. I have had parents who did want a child to sleep in the day but they are nodding off on the floor at 4.30. As soneone else said you do what is best for the child, not for me and not for the parents.

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