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Lovely cms - i need ideas to mark first mindee moving on

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fivesacrowd Wed 13-Mar-13 18:23:05

10 yr old mindee is leaving next week after 2 years with me. She's had a rough time recently, parents split up, had to move house etc. I'd like to give her something to remember her time with me. Not anything hugely expensive (she's leaving for financial reasons so don't think spending lots on a gift for her is appropriate). Any ideas?

How about a scrapbook or diary of all the things you have done together?

Photo's, art work (if you have any), leaflets of places you have visited. Letters from other mindees who will miss her.

Becp Wed 13-Mar-13 20:44:02

A 'look how much you've grown' photo album needn't cost much & is a nice keepsake

doughnut44 Wed 13-Mar-13 21:28:14

For my mindees that left in August I bought them a bird house and a bird feeder. My thought behind this was we used to make bird food and watch the birds in my garden quite a lot and go on bird spotting walks - I know that sounds geeky but it was fun. For my girls that are leaving in July I am buying a good quality baking tray with lots of different cookie cutters and an empty recipe book - I will stick the first couple of recipes in.
I did both of these because I hope that when they use what I have bought them they will think of me and our time together

fivesacrowd Thu 14-Mar-13 15:36:50

Those are lovely ideas doughnut, think Ill get give her a little recipe book with all the recipes for what we've made in it. I send her parents a regular update sheet and a newsletter so they already have most of the photos I've taken of her. Bird feeder a nice idea too, but they've gone from massive house with huge garden to a flat so maybe not that appropriate for her.

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