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What else do I need to know....advice much appreciated

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nannycaz Mon 11-Mar-13 08:54:46

I have posted on here and found your advice very helpful.
I am now looking into working as a nanny at different events.
I have a few questions though that i need to look into, that i thought you lovely people may be able to help with.
Firstly how many children can I look after on my own at an event and are there any age range implications?
Secondly once I have myself more established, I may look into having others help me so that more children can be looked after at an event. Do any helpers need qualifications etc or not seen as they will be with me all the time?
Thirdly I have an employed job in the week, I no thiswork will have to go down as self employed, so if doing this will myself employed income change what I earn monthly on my employed job.

Hope that all makes sense.

nannynick Mon 11-Mar-13 10:45:59

Nanny insurance often has limit of 6 children. It also defines what it considers is a nanny, that is care provided at the child's home. So nanny insurance may not be suitable. Contact your insurer to discuss the change in risk and if your existing policy can be used or if you need creche insurance.

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