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Summer holiday childcare

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nextphase Sun 10-Mar-13 14:22:49

well, if I wanted to use it as childcare while I was at work, it would need the possibility of earlier starts and later finishes, otherwise I couldn't use you. A week (or one day a week all summer? - kids not at school yet) sounds good.
Price??? In your part of the world, it will be more than I would ever pay!!!!

Band week sounds good. Chance to have a decent go at several different instruments over a course also sounds good.

Again, if it was going to be my childcare, the performance would need to be out of work time!

Think you need to decide if you are aiming at working parents who need somewhere for the kids while they work, or parents who are at home and can do short days, afternoon performances etc.

clairew260 Sun 10-Mar-13 14:01:39

Calling all parents I need your help!
Looking for some advice from parents, I’m a young music graduate who currently works at a primary school teaching music, singing, drama ect... I’m looking to set up some arts based summer schools in the Kent area. I've looked and there dosn’t seem to be a whole lot out there involving the arts, particularly music, at a reasonable price point. However I thought who better to tell me what is needed better than parents? So any thoughts or suggestions on any of the following points would be really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
•Price points per day what can most afford/ willing to pay
•Length 9-4 are optional late stays a good idea
•Would you be interested in a scheme, where you child was able to spend three or four days learning the basics of an instrument such as clarinet without having to purchase your own?
•For children who already play an instrument would they be interested in a band camp style scheme?
•Would it be a plus if you could come and watch your child perform at the end of their time?
•Do you prefer schemes that run for more than one day, for example and one going mini course of 5 days or are individual themed days better?

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