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Rates for Live-in help in London / sorting out tax etc.

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Iamnotsure Wed 06-Mar-13 20:45:44

We are trying a prospective live-in help. We are offering 320 gross per week. Only 1 DC (3 years) goes to nursery full time (I drop at 8:30am and pick up around 6pm), 5 days. So in terms of the nature of the job, its basically keeping a fairly biggish flat tidy, doing laundry, cleaning up, cooking basic meals, picking up DC in the evening (if I get delayed) and minding until I am home (latest by 6:30pm) and the odd babysitting once a week in the evenings during weekdays for about 3-4 hours). Its just DC, DH and me at home. Both of us work full time so during the day, its an empty house. She has expressed an interest to continue with some part-time jobs that she has (caring for an old lady and other cleaning jobs as she has been with them for years). I am fine on the basis that if DD is unwell and can't go to nursery and I cant get time off, then she cancels.
Is 320 gross per week too little for a role like this (with overtime for anything extra obviously)? She has been with us for a week and appreciates that it is not a very hard/intense role. She has admitted that last week with the house work, it was under 4 hours most days and has been asking me for things to do. I was working from home today - she left around 10am for her part-time and returned at 3:50pm (it was a morning part time) and I am relaxed about it. She is a lovely lady and I really want her to stay (and I think she is happy as well), but I just wanted to make sure that what I am offering is not unreasonable / too little as we are meant to revisit pay at the end of the trial period of 3 weeks.
Also, would anyone recommend a service that will sort out the tax and NI for us? I know its going online from April and I struggled enough with the existing system with my last nanny plus this is going to be complicated with her other part time jobs.
Thanks very much.

nannynick Wed 06-Mar-13 22:59:03

Pay seems to be working for both of you. I have not looked at total hours but I expect you are above NMW minus accommodation offset, so sounds fine.

Payefornannies has been doing mine for nearly 5 years without any problems.
There are various others, I did hear about one which was a bit cheaper than payefornannies but have no experience of their service.

The key thing you have done right is in agreeing a Gross salary. You know what your cost will be, whatever happens to her taxcode.

Iamnotsure Thu 07-Mar-13 07:08:48

Thanks Nannynick. Will check out payfornannies. Thanks a lot!

Artichook Thu 07-Mar-13 07:28:06

In your position I'd have got an au pair: £100ish a week and no tax.

MrAnchovy Thu 07-Mar-13 09:15:31

So its a maximum of 25 hours per week (excluding babysitting which is not normally counted for live-ins)?

A reasonable rate for this is £8-£13ph depending on experience. That's £200-325pw. When you say "live in" do you mean full room and board i.e. she lives with you 7 days a week and all meals are provided? That's worth £100- £150pw depending on where you live.

So the going rate for this job would be £50-£225pw (although £75 is probably a practical minimum - this is a typical au pair's wage). £350 live-in would be typical for a first full time nanny job.

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