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littlebitofthislittlebitofthat Tue 05-Mar-13 09:33:57

A mother has just withdrawn her child from my service saying that she could no longer afford it.

She says that she is only getting £120 per week for childcare. BUT my bill is less than this. she is talking about paying her brother petrol money to look after him *the uncle lives 15 miles away.

there have been other things that have tweaked my annena.. so i'm worry that she is going to use my registration number and continue to claim...

Now... Should i just wind my neck in and not worry about it at all... or should i do something? (if i do something, WHAT should i do?)

apotomak Tue 05-Mar-13 09:41:13

littlebitofthislittlebitofthat Tue 05-Mar-13 09:44:41

thank you

moogy1a Tue 05-Mar-13 09:47:45

'phone the child tax credits line directly. don't just email.

ReetPetit Tue 05-Mar-13 14:40:11

I had someone claim from my number before (i think) I say I think as the annoying thing is they can't confirm it over the phone hmm due to data protection.

The best thing to do is call and email them (yes,both) give all details - name, address, dates etc... that way it's up to them what they do with the information.

i have a friend who was called by tax credits to check a parent was using her (and she wasn't!) so they do sometimes catch up with people. I do think the system is open to abuse though, which is a shame for those who actually need it. It will probably be the next thing got rid of by this government!

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