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phone for nanny

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sleeplessinderbyshire Thu 28-Feb-13 21:19:07

does anyone supply a PAYG work phone for their nanny? I would like ours to be contactable when she's working (clearly not when driving but in general) she says that by the end of the month she is skint and has no credit for her phone so it's not always there to receiev calls or phone out (she works very very part time for us and is seeking other work having just split from her ex and trying to support her grown up but rtahre feckless kids) i'm unsure if it seems somewhat unreasonable to expect her to use her own phone (and keep it topped up) we were thinking of buying a SIM card to go in an old phone of ours (or a new cheap phone) and then pay for £5 of credit on it for her to use

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 03-Mar-13 22:10:21

Similarly it is an employees responsibility to get themselves to their place of work and be able to contact the employer by a certain time if they need to csll in sick

If an employee is required to travel during the working day or make/receive phone calls during the working day the employer has to provide the jeans, whether by providing a car/phone or paying mileage allowance/top up voucher.

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