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advice please... nanny keeps giving unhealthy food to my children...

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LadyLotty Thu 28-Feb-13 00:49:52

I need some advice I think so any helpful thoughts are appreciated..

Our part time nanny looks after our 2 toddlers 2 full days a week and usually I ask her to take them to play groups and children friendly venues in the morning. I always cook and provide a healthy packed lunch for the children. The deal has always been that the nanny provides her own lunch (she is fussy what she likes to eat).

The problem is our nanny always brings less healthy things such as sweets and sausages to "share" with my children and my little ones end up eating none of my cooked food. This is becoming a regular thing. To the extent that I get brought back everything I pack.

I am a great cook and my children have always been easy feeders until recent months.. Now they demand sausages and crisps and sweets.

Have already suggested not sharing food with the nanny but she insists. I also have told her not to buy food for the children but today despite my specific instruction she bought chips for them. Said its out of her own pocket as a treat for the children. I really don't want her to treat my children, I actually feel quite offended and undermined. Or am I just being unreasonable? I would really like to keep tight control over my children's diet and treat them myself once in a while. Instead of worrying about their regular diet. Last week she fed my children peanuts and one of my child is allergic to it!! Aaargh!

Any advice?
I dony want to fire her as the children do like her loads - probably mainly as she always gives in to the

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 04-Mar-13 15:16:06

yes get a padlock grin and be firm with children, say mummy is working, go and find nanny and shut the door, or dont even open it, have a lock put in at the top of door inside your study

keep doing this and they will leave you alone, but you need to be consistent - at the moment the nanny and children get mixed signals

ZuleikaD Mon 04-Mar-13 15:41:43

When DH is working from home he just locks the door - the children are used to it now and don't even try to get in.

LadyLotty Tue 05-Mar-13 22:44:27

Yes you guys are right. I can do this. (deep breath!!)

Thanks to all of you for such support, helpful advice and encouragement, as well as making me see the situation - in clear day light!

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