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Is anyone else struggling to find a full time job?!

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IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece Tue 26-Feb-13 12:48:11

My current nanny position will come to an end at the end of the summer after 5 years (5! Yeesh!)

Thought I'd start looking for jobs just to see when its like and I know it's early in the year to look for one but I can't find anything! I'm concerned!!


Am in London btw!

CandlestickOlder Wed 03-Apr-13 21:36:35

Crikey 34k a year. I may have to rethink having children confused

Good luck nannies - it's tough out there!

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 21:21:45

How many days did you offer?

TheSeventhHorcrux Wed 03-Apr-13 21:20:30

There aren't many decent live in jobs and PT would be too difficult to manage

Welovegrapes Wed 03-Apr-13 21:03:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovegrapes Wed 03-Apr-13 21:01:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CandlestickOlder Wed 03-Apr-13 20:56:24

I'd want a full time nanny in London when I have a baby but I'm not sure I can afford it!

How much does full time nannying cost?

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:44:32

I work in London.No its 30 pounds a week travel. The seven where are you looking? Just looked at there is loads of part time jobs and live in.

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:42:09

I work in London.No its 30 pounds a week travel. The seven where are you looking? Just looked at there is loads of part time jobs and live in.

juneybean Wed 03-Apr-13 20:37:11

"I travel from west london to south love."

How utterly patronising.

TheSeventhHorcrux Wed 03-Apr-13 19:41:49

I think as qualified, experienced professionals we have earnt the right to be "picky". As a result of the declining standards in nanny employment I have started to apply to jobs outside the industry (admin mostly).
I don't ask for much - £350/£400 net (to be competitive) for live in looking after up to 3 children, nursery duties, all cooking, errands, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week plus two babysits. No breaks.

This works out to be about £6 gross an hour. With a degree and 6 years experience in the industry that's not exactly wealth. And now we're expected to be super flexible, do baby sits at weekends, be less "demanding" just to get a basic wage.

On the face of it, £30k a year sounds like a lot but all in I'd imagine that a FT nanny does twice the standard working week - without breaks.

Sorry, bit ranty but the job hunt is getting me down grin

Cathyrina Wed 03-Apr-13 18:55:56

LovelyNanny26: well everyone wants/ needs something else, for me personally it's just because it's more money!

Cathyrina Wed 03-Apr-13 18:54:00

wow I need so much time for my posts 3 others still reply before me haha

Cathyrina Wed 03-Apr-13 18:53:10

DIYapprentice: I would consider being a Nanny/ Housekeeper to have full-time hours but would only be happy to do that in a household with school-aged children so I could do the bit of housework whilst the kids are at school.

LovelyNanny26: Wow 2 hours? That's A LOT, I'm looking to move and for a new job at the same time but set a max. travel of 20-30 minutes... I guess it also does cost tons of money to have such a long journey each day..??

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:19:16

There are 2, 3, 4 day jobs in london.Who with their wright mind would look for FT!!!

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:15:26

I travel from west london to south love.If I wouldnt want to do it I wouldnt have a job.Ive been with them for 3 years. I work at school in the mornings and a lot of parents are actually taking on polish czech etc. nannies.As one of the parents said They are less demanding and wanting to work hard. No distance should stop you from getting a job.We as nannies need to be stop being picky and expecting 30k jobs a year. If you dont like it change it.

TheSeventhHorcrux Wed 03-Apr-13 18:08:25

Two hours commute?! I could commute from leicester to london with that! shock I don't envy you it at all!

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:57:13

A lot of us are being out done by eastern European Nannies as they are happy to work long hours. I live in London and I travel two hours a day both ways.

LovelyNanny26 Wed 03-Apr-13 15:44:28

I think nannies need to be more flexible this days. Im a nanny too.I work at the nursery in the morning and I nanny in the afternoon. Ill be looking for a nanny job myself starting from September. Im not looking for full time. Ill be more than happy starting with 3 days.I think nannies are better off looking for 2 different weekly jobs.Good times are definitely goone.

DIYapprentice Tue 02-Apr-13 13:41:14

Are any of you willing to do housekeeper work as well? I'm hoping to hire a housekeeper/nanny later in the year because I need drop offs and pick ups from school and cover for holidays so figured housekeeping duties would allow me to offer a full time position rather than a before and after school one. (Am assuming I would need to have a proper cleaner come in once a week to do the 'deep' cleaning as that would be too much of an ask.)

TheSeventhHorcrux Sun 31-Mar-13 22:16:36

Its finding two jobs that fit together that are within a reasonable distance to one another as well.
I'm applying to admin work in my area now. And there's not a lot of that going either. I'm starting to get really worried.

Cathyrina Sun 31-Mar-13 21:27:38

^ I thought about that but one family seems so much easier and I can just offer them a lot more flexibility. If you have two families then both of them want babysitting, when one needs you for an emergency you either have to say no or let the other ones down, when you are sick two families are struggling, when one family goes on holiday you would normally have holidays as well but when you work for 2 families there's still the other one, they want you to take different holidays etc. I just can't imagine doing that... but maybe it's not that difficult (I've never worked for more than one family before...)?

Welovegrapes Sat 30-Mar-13 09:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cathyrina Sat 30-Mar-13 09:53:02

I'm in London as well (N3 atm moving to NW3/ NW5 soon) and I'm looking for June and still quite relaxed but know I will start to panic when I haven't found anything by end April/ early May, especially because I also have to move before starting the new job so looking for a place, flatmates etc. I definitely want a full-time job but most really are part-time.... grrr.

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 30-Mar-13 01:58:29

In fact one of my nanny friends was recently told by two agencies that they couldn't put her on their books, because they already had too many nannies and not enough jobs!

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 30-Mar-13 01:57:31

I'm not looking myself, but I've heard this from loads of my nanny friends who are/were looking. We're also in London. Loads of part-time, people wanting SE, people wanting to pay way below what is generally expected etc.

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