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Finding and choosing a childminder

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Doman Sun 24-Feb-13 21:55:49

I'm looking for some advice on finding a childminder (in South London) for my daughter. She will be about 10 months old when I return to work in the summer.
Can anyone recommend good websites/other resources to find childminders? And, apart from Ofsted registration etc., are there any specific qualifications I should be looking for?
Many thanks ... any advice appreciated!

lechatnoir Sun 24-Feb-13 22:56:01

Aside from checking registration & first aide is up to date initially I would ask:
What other children does she have on the days you need? Does she do a school &/or nursery run?

What activities does she do generally & specifically for one your DC's age? Toddler groups, library, parks plus at home things

Arrangements for naps, feeding, how she will adapt to your routine or want you to adapt to hers etc

Hours she works, pay, any paid holiday - hers & yours, pay for time off sick - hers & yours.

If all the above sounds ok then go with your gut instinct about whether you like her & would feel comfortable leaving your LO with her and if possible take up a reference from a current family.
Good luck and hope she's nice grin

BackforGood Sun 24-Feb-13 23:02:00

All local authorities should have a Family Information Service, which should hold lists of all registered childcare in your area.
That will at least give you a list to start phoning around and see who can fit you in. From there, use lech's questions smile

lechatnoir Sun 24-Feb-13 23:02:03

Sorry just realised you haven't found one yet!! is excellent (although not sure it's as good for London) or look up your local council list of registered childminders, surestart centres usually hold a list or best of all word of mouth - go out to toddler groups and ask other mums or you might meet a cm there so without her knowing you are looking for a cm you can see first hand how she interacts with the children & what she's like (this is how one of my families found me wink!)

spekulatius Mon 25-Feb-13 22:34:44

I'm in the same position, I phoned the Family Information Service, they emailed me a list of childminders and the hours they work. But also found other cm that had not been listed there on although some are not registered. Also try and

Our childrens centre also has local childminders come there for 2 hours every week so that parents can meet them and ask questions. They obviously bring their mindees with them so it's a good way to see how they interact with the toddlers. As a start.

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