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(CM) Having to chase payments already- very disheartened. Please tell me it's not always going to be like this!

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ZuleikaD Sun 17-Feb-13 20:16:56

I also charge for the month ahead - and no payment equals no service. It generally only takes one batch of late fees added to an invoice before parents get their act together.

12ylnon Sun 17-Feb-13 19:05:52

Thats what they were supposed to do last week. I will be asking for bank payment or cash before they bring their child for the next session- waiting another week for it isn't acceptable imo.

HSMMaCM Sun 17-Feb-13 18:29:28

Ask them to bring cash next time they bring their child.

12ylnon Sun 17-Feb-13 14:34:09

Yes, that's what i'd usually do gonetobed . They started with just a few days notice and i said every 2 weeks in advance as the contract was only for a few months. They don't know the exact date that the child is leaving either (only that it'll be some time in April). So i thought it would be fairer to do two weeks rather than a month just in case they only received a few days notice to finish their job.
Learnt my lesson though! Month in advance next time!

I really don't want it to come to me saying that i won't mind their child anymore. I need the money and go on maternity leave in April, so i'm not looking to take anyone else between now and then. I also really don't want it to get to the stage where i seek legal action. I'm not even sure if it'd be worth it as the amount is for less than £100

fight yes, i agree, hopefully it'll spur them into action.

gonetobed Sun 17-Feb-13 13:50:03

If were you I would put future parents on a month in advance system.

Thats what I do with all mine - I email them a bill about a week before the 1st of the month and they have the first week of the month to pay it. I always have all the money by at least the 4th. Plus you only have to do it 12 times a year

Fightlikeagirl Sun 17-Feb-13 13:47:07

It might actually be a positive thing if you end up having to charge your late payment fee as this may stop it from happening again.
Definitely keep a record of all comminication.
Not all parents are like this, most appreciate that we all have bills to pay too.

Akasa Sun 17-Feb-13 13:38:53

Definitely use emails or texts (as long as you don't delete them) as there is then a trail of exchanged messages.

I have to say that my late fees policy is considered by some to be punitive but as others have said, I cannot pay my bills late and face possible CCJs so why should those paying their bills to me pay late.

My contracts state that full payment must be received at the beginning of the first day of the month (I am happy to accept a cheque although some would say that a cheque should be presented at least four working days in advance due to clearance time required) or service will be withdrawn. If payment has not been received, then service is not available - quite simple - they don't come through my door. You can't go to the supermarket and say, "I'll pay you in a few days" so why a nursery or childminder

12ylnon Sun 17-Feb-13 13:10:33

Yes, will definitely ring if i haven't heard anything by tomorrow. Problem with phone calls is that there is no record of what was said, which is why i went for the emails first.

NickNacks Sun 17-Feb-13 13:06:34

6 days late IS a long time and I would be stressed about it too. CMs have bills too and children to feed. I think a phone call might be more effective.

Stoney666 Sun 17-Feb-13 12:44:40

6 days is totally unacceptable I would email again saying unless payment is made you will cease care
we all have bills to pay and it's rude to just ignore youconfused

12ylnon Sun 17-Feb-13 12:22:20

They pay every two weeks, so really 6 days is a while. It's in accordance with my fees policy and their contract.
No, just two days a week and not during holidays, so by the time i see the parent again, the 4th invoice will be due.

WeAreEternal Sun 17-Feb-13 12:17:28

You seem to be stressing a lot considering it is only 6 days late.

Do you have their child every day?

I would just tell them that either they will be charged for every day that payment is late (after tomorrow) OR until payment is made you will no longer be able to have the child.

12ylnon Sun 17-Feb-13 12:04:33

This is my first mindee. The third invoice is now 6 days late. I issued a reminder 5 days after it was late, and also another today reminding the parent that i charge a late payment fee after 7 days with an accompanying text to tell parent to check their email. Have received no reply as of yet, which is odd, because emails usually get seen very quickly by this parent.

I had to cancel one afternoon this week at very short notice as i had to take my DS to a minor injury unit. Parent was fine with this and child was sent to after school club instead. I made it clear that i would pick child up if it was absolutely necessary, but didn't know how long we would be at the hospital, they decided after school club would be better. That was the day that the invoice was due. 5 days after, with the reminder, i even offered to take the missed afternoon off the outstanding invoice (also making it clear that it was a one-time offer and that it would usually be taken off the next invoice as it had already been issued at the time of the missed afternoon). But no reply.


This is a short term contract, which is due to finish just before i go on maternity leave. I really didn't expect to be doing this with my first client!

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