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Holiday club safety concern

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Sheen4272 Sat 16-Feb-13 19:37:05

Thanks Nannynick. They do come under Ofsted so hopefully they will take action following my complaint.

nannynick Fri 15-Feb-13 22:52:28

You have already contacted the manager so there may not be much more you can do. Facilities like that often do not fall under compulsory childcare regulation - sports activity, children over a certain age.

The supervisors and the manager are aware of the incident, so I do not know what further action you would want taken. With luck they will check the windows are shut, or maybe even find a different location to use.

Sheen4272 Fri 15-Feb-13 21:46:05

I picked my dd up from holiday club this afternoon - the club is part of a local sports centre. They were all in a room upstairs which has windows across the length of the room. When I arrived 4-5 children were playing unsupervised on gym mats underneath the windows one of which had been slid wide open. One of the children was leaning against the window sill next to the open window in addition to the others jumping on the mats. The windows are not high, waist high i would guess and I reckon very easy for the children to fall out off. I immediately pointed this out to the two supervisors on the other side of the room, one of which said 'oh that shouldn't be open'. I reported the incident to the manager who was very apologetic. Since then I can't help thinking how dangerous the situation was and am really not happy. What should I do?

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