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Have you gone from being a CM to a Nanny?

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Derbys Fri 15-Feb-13 05:42:45

There isn't a big demand for nannies in South Yorkshire so it might take you a while to find a job.

nbee84 Thu 14-Feb-13 23:22:20

I went from childminding to nannying - but my own dc's were much older when I returned - 13 and 18 so they didn't need childcare. I also had 4 years nannying experience from before I had my children and 3 years where I took my dd to work with me. I think this helped in finding nanny jobs as there are a few differences between childminding and nannying. As a nanny you are working in somebody else's home and somebody else is in charge. I'm in my 3rd job since going back to nannying and all 3 sets of parents have valued the fact that I have brought up my own children as well as looked after other people's.

My reasons for finishing childminding were much the same as yours - the impact on my home and the paperwork side of things. The days seem much longer - I'm out the house for 11½ - 12 hours including the commute. But when I get home I've no clearing up of toys and organising the house for the next day and I've got no paperwork that needs doing.

WorriedMary Thu 14-Feb-13 23:09:58

Thank you smile

I am still in the early stages of thinking about it all. I am currently not enjoying CM and it's impact on my home and children. And I detest the paperwork and accounts side.

Outraged - I am not sure about the need for a Nanny based near Sheffield/Doncaster/Worksop. (obviously not going to be as many needed as in the SE) I wouldn't give up CM until I found a job. And would be looking for 2/3 full days work.

I have childcare sorted - DMIL, DSister & DM.

Forresitters Thu 14-Feb-13 22:54:32

I used to be a nanny and am now a childminder. There are lots of part time nanny jobs around, it just might be difficult to find one that fits in with your own family/routine etc.

Many parents have after school nannies working from say 3pm-6.30/7pm or even from 12/1pm-6.30/7pm if it includes a nursery or preschool pick up or you may be required to do some house jobs and errands before school pick up. Since having my daughter I have worked in nanny jobs like those as well as 1,2 or 3 days a week (full days - 8/9am-5/6pm) nanny jobs working for separate families and nanny shares.

Aslong as you can be sure you have reliable Childcare for your own children, it should be fine for you to get a nanny job. Parents employing a nanny who has their own children want to know that you do have this aswell as back up cover just incase e.g. If your child gets chickenpox or an infection that requires they stay home for a week or two - would you have to stay home with them for the entire duration or could it be split between you and another family member so you could still return to your nanny job? Or if someone is unable to collect your own children from school and informs you last minute, is there another parent/friend that can take them or will you have to go?

I'm going from experience as my own daughter wasn't picked up from nursery and the nursery staff called me to say they had no phone call from the person who usually collects her for me. It was after 6pm, I was still at work as an after school nanny and when I called my boss to ask if I could go and collect my daughter and take her two children with me in the car she refused! So I had to wait 30mins for her to return then make my way to pick up my lil' one at 7pm! First time I'd ever collected her late, she was so upset to have been the only child at nursery for so long and after a few more issues with my boss regarding my own daughter I resigned from that jobsad.

Not trying to put you off, but that's one of the reasons I became a CM! There are some wonderful families out there to work for - just take your time (if you think you really like a family have a couple of interviews with them and ask previous nanny for reference) and please make sure you sign a contract, get nanny tax sorted etc.

Good luck x

OutragedFromLeeds Thu 14-Feb-13 21:11:52

I'm a nanny not a CM so can't help with that.

Are you in an area with a lot of nanny jobs available? I think nanny jobs are much harder to come by outside of London/South East, there may be a good trade for childminders, but not so much for nannies in your area.

Nannies generally work a long day (about the same as a childminder, but with a commute added on), so part time hours are not often available. There are loads of jobs with part-time days though i.e. long hours, but only 2/3 days a week.

WorriedMary Thu 14-Feb-13 19:03:22

I am thinking of advertising to be Nanny rather than a CM.

Just wondered if anyone can share their experience of changing from CM to Nanny.

I have two DC's (6 &4) so I would be looking for PT work and my DC's would be looked after by family.
Is this realistic?

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