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CM Club - ok lovely people, ideas please for "what can we make NOW"

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Saltire Thu 07-Feb-13 14:48:46

9 year old mindee. Constantly "what can we make now". So far this week there's been a castle made out of cardboard and miles of sellotape, 2 dragons,a house a rocket and a mask.

He doesn't want to play games, read, play with any of the toys I have, colour or do any crafty things that I suggest. So please, suggestions for easy to make things which take hours for him, but which can also be doen while supervising 2 6year olds who don't want to "make"
I have to be constantly thinking things to do, his parents said they need to be thinking 5 or 6 activities in ront for him

fieldfare Tue 12-Mar-13 20:37:41

Maybe you need to have a chat with his parents on how to tackle this. He ought to be able to think independently of things to do, especially for such a short time.
The older children I look after, in that kind of time frame would typically colour/draw, do some hama bead'ing, make a bracelet/badge making kit type thing, play doh, read a book, play cards, play a board game or do a puzzle.

Why not have a mantra in your head to stop him wearing you down - "not today, why don't you get on with x,y,z, now off you go".

Saltire Tue 12-Mar-13 22:04:32

Ok thank will try the mantra. But.......................... he goes into the msot aful huffs. I have had to mention it to his parents before now as he ignores me - \I don't mind the not talking but he ignores any instructions I give him. So last week he huffed all the way to school because he couldn't find instructions on how to make a motorbike.

Saltire Tue 12-Mar-13 22:06:34

I will try having a chat with parents too, but mum doesn't take kindly to what she percieves as criticism of hr children

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 12-Mar-13 22:54:02

"NO I want to make a model, what can I amke, how about a tiger can we make a tiger, why can't we make a tiger, I don't want to goolge i want you to help me please try to find it and on and on and on".

Maybe I'm mean, but my response to this ^ would be, 'No. We can't make a tiger. We don't have time/it's too messy to do making before school. Your choices are A, B, C'. No further discussion, just a repeat of 'No, these are your choices'.

I would implement a sticker/points system whereby if he is good/cooperative in the morning, he can do making after school. Get a book/google some ideas or let him pick something if he wants and have it set up for when he gets in.

Unless you think he has special needs or something I wouldn't say anything to his mum because it's really something you should deal with. Don't pander to his making whims and work out some sort of reward/punishment system to sort the not listening.

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