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Full cost of nanny in Cambridge area

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AntandBee Thu 07-Feb-13 22:11:29


nannynick Thu 07-Feb-13 17:45:59

NannyJob: Cambridgeshire, Liveout Parttime Jobs - not a lot of use as a major agency in the area is not listing salaries (wish agencies would not just say salary is negotiable, as it often isn't negotiable my much).

I would suggest advertising the job at a salary you feel is suitable (and can afford) and see if you get anyone interested.

FlorenceMattell Thu 07-Feb-13 17:31:43

Hi AntandBee

Depends if you are central Cambridge or villages I think, North
Hertfordshire rate is £7-£9 net, but try to think in gross terms not Net as tax/Ni you pay depends on the nanny's other employment, student loan and other factors.

Holiday is pro rate of 5.6 weeks including bank holidays. So 3 days = 16.8 days holiday per year. This is the law so you can offer more but not less.

The nanny you know may get four weeks plus bank holidays. If your days are for instance Tue Wed Thursday there may be no bank holidays some years hence the 5.6 weeks ensures part time employees dont loose out on BHs

AntandBee Wed 06-Feb-13 21:04:23

Anyone got an idea of how much to pay (gross) a nanny for 3 days a week (27 hrs) near Cambridge?
4 children aged 1-6, so I'd want someone experienced and capable.

I've asked locally and been given a range of £9-13 ph net, but where it is on that range makes a lot of difference to how affordable it is, plus tax, NI, expenses on top.

And how much holiday is normal? One nanny I know has 4 weeks and seems happy with that, an agency told me 6 weeks is normal.

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