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calling all childminders

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Mytwobeautifulgirls Wed 06-Feb-13 08:55:33

thanks so Much for the info wow 6-9 months to get started that is quiet long isnt It.

lechatnoir Tue 05-Feb-13 20:44:48

I've had current mindee from 8mths, I've got a new one starting in a few weeks who has just turned 1 and do some ad hoc work for a 7 mth old. Never had an enquiry for younger baby but I would look after 6 mths possibly 3mths. Fees vary MASSIVELY area to area so best bet is trying to find out what your local CM's charge (average SE I'd say £4-£6ph) - SureStart centres usually have a book with CM details in including fees, people sometimes includes fees in their profile.
Oh and be warned, from starting registration process to getting your first child can take quite a long time likely 6-9 months+ so I wouldn't chuck in your job until you're quite a bit further down the line!!

ElectricalBanana Mon 04-Feb-13 22:00:12

and again!

ElectricalBanana Mon 04-Feb-13 21:59:42

i am an RGN (25 years in the harness)....and now a childminder! I use my RGN as a USP....i have children with extra medical and learning needs....i still get the training for things like tube feeds from the child's nurse but i am confident and unfazed by it all. Parents like that.

Youngest baby was 8 weeks....had her until she was three.

your local govt website will have info on how to train.

try this forum- they can help with any questions

HSMMaCM Mon 04-Feb-13 21:33:25

Speak to your local authority early years department, to find out about registration. Not sure about charges in Essex. I sometimes get phone calls for babies, but I don't take any under 6 months (my choice).

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 04-Feb-13 19:04:18

also how Much do you chagre per child etc. and do you ever get babies tonlook after?

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 04-Feb-13 19:03:17

hi all I would just like a bit of info really

I'm currently a registered nurse on mat leave but was thinking of becoming a childminder so I could benefit from being at home with my own children etc.
can anyone advise me what needs doing I.e courses? insurance? how do you become registered.
I love in Essex.

thanks ladies smile

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