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Childminding - I just want to get on with it...

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dadioles Fri 01-Feb-13 14:31:37

I am 26 years old and studied at college full time to gain Nursery Nurse NVQ Level 3. Since then I have worked for more than 6 years full time in nurseries and schools and for the last 3 years looking after 20 or more children age 3 to 5 in a school environment with almost no support, hugely challenging.
I have my food certificates, first aid certificates etc.

Now I would like to be a childminder.

The bad news is that it is probably going to be about a year before I can look after the first child and that seems like madness.

First I have to attend a "Pre-Registration Information Evening" and there is not another one for nearly 3 months.
Second, but not until I have completed the first step, I have to do a "Understand how to set up a home based Childcare course" which runs for a couple of hours a week over 6 weeks but does not start until the summer.
After that I can attend an "Ofsted Information Session" - another delay before I can do that.
Finally, after First Aid courses etc. (that I have already done and am current on) another 2 hour session "Assignment submission" (4 weeks after completion of the other tasks) I am deemed ready to apply for Ofsted registration - probably another two or three months (optimistically).

Today is February 1st. Despite being qualified and experienced with wonderful premises and a shortage of childcare in my area, I cannot see how I can provide a childcare service much before Christmas.
In reality, it should be possible to "fast track" and complete the checks and approvals in less than 3 months.
I am so frustrated by the process.........

ZuleikaD Fri 01-Feb-13 15:36:51

You shouldn't have to do your First Aid again, and Ofsted probably won't take three months to register you. It is bad luck that your council aren't running more courses but you may be able to speak to neighbouring councils? It does take a while, though.

MrAnchovy Fri 01-Feb-13 16:25:19

You do not have to attend a "Pre-Registration Information Evening" or a "Ofsted Information Session", but you do need to complete a Local Authority Approved childminder training course.

There are a number of providers of Local Authority Approved childminder training courses including MNT Training.

Get your application in to Ofsted without delay so that the CRB checks can be started.

You should speak to Ofsted about this because the regulations are a bit of a mess and you are not really supposed to short-cut your local authority, but equally your local authority are not supposed to put obstacles like "pre-registration information evenings" in your way either.

Runoutofideas Fri 01-Feb-13 16:59:53

I did it all direct with Ofsted, with the agreement of my local authority. This was in 2012, although prior to the September changes. I did my CYPOP5 online with the NCMA. You do not need to do your first aid again, as long as you have an in date certificate.
I decided to become a childminder in February 2012 and was registered by April. Finished my course in May (although I know now that it has changed and you have to complete the course before starting.) Even taking that into account it shouldn't take you as long.

calmlychaotic Sat 02-Feb-13 02:09:24

i started process in Jan was registered by may. if you do childminder course with someone other than council check your council will approve it, not all will,mine didn't.

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