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new job, rotating shifts, considering au pair

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dottt Fri 01-Feb-13 10:28:36

We live in a Village near a mainline station, in a 4 bedroom house. No ensuite, family bathroom, separate shower room, downstairs loo. Au pair would have large bedroom big enough for sofa and TV.

We have a small living space downstairs, kitchen and through sitting room/dinign room. garden.

I will be unable to do the morning or afternoon school run. Au pair will need to take children to two different schools by car and collect and do various runs after school. Will provide a car for au pair. Does all this sound viable?

So probably 25 hours a week. What is the going rate? Tips/things to consider? If it is a goer, where would you find an au pair?

I really need this job and have not raised flexible working as it has been the 'kiss of death' at every other interview that I have had.

nannynick Fri 01-Feb-13 12:28:15

What about school holidays, would you use combination of au-pair and holiday camp/club?

Older au-pair may work, needs to have the driving experience. Will still be costly to insure - search for message threads on here about insurance for au-pair to drive.

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