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Ofsted registration for Nannies

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Olbasoil Thu 31-Jan-13 10:39:54

Sorry if this has been covered hundreds of times.
Please could you tell me who pays the registration fee? I
Would have thought, as Nannies are employed, that the employer should pay.... Is this the case or luck of the draw.
Thank you

ChippingInLovesMN Thu 31-Jan-13 10:42:19

There are no rules but generally it seems that the nanny pays for the things needed to be registered - ie First Aid Course and Insurance (they have to pay for that themselves for legal reasons I believe) and the parents pay for the actual registration as they are the ones who benefit. Of course some parents pay for all of it and some nannies pay for all of it, but that's not really on.

fraktion Thu 31-Jan-13 10:45:32

I would be inclined to agree with chipping where the ad is for a registered nanny or someone to become registered.

If the ad doesn't specify and the candidate is offered the job with unsuitable qualifications it's my view that the employer should bear the cost of any upgrade required.

Most nannies are in a position to be registered when job seeking but there is the odd exception without common core etc.

nannynick Thu 31-Jan-13 11:44:10

The nanny pays but some employers may reimburse the cost.
Personally my view is that if the employers have advertised for a nanny who is already registered, then it's up to the nanny to cover all costs involved.

It can be seen as being only an advantage to the employer but if it makes the difference between getting the job or someone else getting the job, then in my mind the cost is quite low - assuming they meet all the criteria already, then £103 a year.

Olbasoil Thu 31-Jan-13 14:30:20

Thank you for the replies. I will pass this information on, I'm not actually looking for a nanny ( no one would want my brood!) and although I qualified as an NNEB centuries ago , I don't think I have the patience now. I was asking for a nanny I met at the school and she seems to get quite a raw deal .

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