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Making nanny redundant ahead of schedule

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jrulfo Thu 24-Jan-13 22:16:09

Thanks for you advice. Will print out the ACAS stuff over the weekend and read. Plenty of notice and support with job-hunting is in my plan.

I really am not lovely blush

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 24-Jan-13 11:34:13

redundancy is a fact of life for nannies sad my last three jobs i have been made redundant after being with each for 5 years when youngest went to school/family moved country

but i also keep in touch with them all and in fact today have last ex kiddiwinks and of course woofa grin as mb needed to work

you sound lovely and sure your nanny will understand but its essential you tell her now, she will need to sort out cv/get ref from you/contact agencies etc as she prob wont do that till june/july if she thinks her job is safe till sept

MrAnchovy Wed 23-Jan-13 23:30:46

Contact ACAS - they are very helpful to small employers who want to do the right thing.

Informal discussions about September shouldn't matter as long as you go through a formal process in the right timescales which ACAS will help you with.

PowerPants Wed 23-Jan-13 23:05:08

I think you sound lovely. I don't know about the legal stuff, but am sure she will understand, the financial climate being as is.

jrulfo Wed 23-Jan-13 22:12:22

Thanks Vijac
We have spent months trying to get a share to spread cost but for various reasons (timing/location/no of DCs/) not found one. Maybe it's just us. grin But yes, maybe we should ask her out for coffee and talk it through there.

I wonder if I am being a little over-dramatic because from these boards I understand redundancy is a fact of life for nannies but I do want to do things with integrity.

Vijac Wed 23-Jan-13 21:40:25

I have no experience of this but maybe you could ask around friends and see if you know anyone else interested. I would just sit her down for a cup of tea (not at end of shift) when kids are not there and explain as you have here that your financial situation has changed, you will recommend her and pay notice etc and that you hope to stay in contact. I'm sure that she will understand and will find a new job.

jrulfo Wed 23-Jan-13 21:35:44

Have name changed and want to keep details to a minimum.

We have a good nanny. We wanted to keep her until September when DCs start school. But financial and other circumstances (beyond our control, no-one's fault) have changed - we are struggling to keep our heads above water and have got debts. We just can't stretch it til September.

We can move DCs to nursery or CM - we would need to recruit afterschool childminder in Sept anyway so this just brings this forward. doing this will take our outgoings down by £1k per month.

She's been with us 3.5 years. We can, if that works out, give her double her notice period and slightly above statutory redundancy.

I feel tremendously sad and guilty - but cannot see a way round it. HOWEVER I am worried that we have verbally discussed September as an end date - would this affect us legally in making the role redundant 5 months earlier? Any advice would be appreciated as my nanny tax agency haven't been that helpful.

Also any hints on how to broach the conversation. I am dreading it sad

I've seen some great advice on here and thank you all in advance.

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