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*Any Recommendations for childminders or Nurseries in Finchley N3???*

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babyJaz Wed 23-Jan-13 21:13:29

I have become a mum to a beautiful little girl. I need to make arrangements for her to be looked after once I go back to work. What would you say is best for the baby at 9/10 months old. A childminder or nursery?
Can you recommned any good childminders / nurseries in Finchley N3?
Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

ReetPetit Wed 23-Jan-13 21:15:49

childminder for that age!
Contact your local FIS (Family Information Service) or try

Karoleann Wed 23-Jan-13 21:38:56

It really depends on your job, its quite hard for a baby to be at nursery for long hours 5 days a week, sometimes if you're doing a late pick up everyday the larger atmosphere of a nursery can be quite draining and some nurseries have a very high turnover of staff especially in London. London nurseries can be very expensive.

However, baby rooms tend to be quite small in nurseries and the ratios of staff are good, the care is all centred to children of a certain age so your baby won't be dragged off to school runs, toddler groups before they're ready or (sometimes woken from their naps). Neither will have your child off they're ill (and you will probably want to stay with them anyway), but the childminder may not be able to have our child if their child is ill.

The main reason I had to stop using the childminder after two weeks was that she wanted to give me less notice for her holidays than I had to give work and she wanted to charge for them too.

See who has availability for when you go back to work, visit a few and see.

Alsonearn3 Wed 23-Jan-13 22:06:49

Personally I preferred a childminder for the homely environment but there are good nurseries too.
The ones people always talk about as being good locally are Rocking Horse, Active Learning, Cupcakes in Woodside Park.
There is a childminder called the Wendyhouse who runs a mini nursery that a couple of people I know used
Barnet have a list of childminders by area
go and meet a few, ask around at any baby groups you go to for recommendations. Some you wouldn't want to leave a pot plant with, others you will know you can trust.

pickcherries Thu 24-Jan-13 21:27:56

I can highly recommend Magic2 in n3, m niece goes there nd loves it (going since it opened!) and my friend has just started her little one off in the baby room and can't praise the staff enough! Good luck!

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