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triple buggy

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goldie81 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:00:00

Mindingalongtime- please pm me 1st- doing this off my phone & can't see how to pm people!!
In my opinion it is an awful lot of money but getting the buggy I needed for when I needed it without having to find one local to me or someone willing to courier it. I'm hoping that it will be built to last and therefore will not be seeing me having to buy a new single, double or triple buggy for a very long time.
I have seen the triples going for £500/600 on eBay secondhand. Which is still a lot of money anyway. I yes I have got lots of arguments for justifying my huge spend!!!

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 28-Jan-13 17:20:03

blushblush...glad to be able to help.

I am slightly a lot envy of the brand new ABCs on order.

Minding - not that I am in any way encouraging you to spend the best part of £1k (or possibly more) but it would all be tax deductible grin.

I find I am able to justify any purchase...don't get me started on the multimac carseat hmmgrin

mindingalongtime Mon 28-Jan-13 13:30:39

Hiccup has also given me some fab advice too, I hope to pick up a second hand single with static toddler seat tomorrow and then add a third seat, but I was ready to order from NZ too, I am sorely tempted to buy new, so Goldie can I ask how much the single with the two separate extra seats is please? ( PM if you prefer!) Thank you

goldie81 Mon 28-Jan-13 07:14:21

Ha ha!! Yes I think you should!! I'll email phil and tell him! Is it sad that I'm so excited for it to come?!!!

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 27-Jan-13 23:56:34

Goldie - thanks blush! I hope you love your new ABC when it arrives...I think I should be on commission, the amount I recommend the company grin!!

goldie81 Sun 27-Jan-13 21:20:09

Hiccup is very helpful!! I had some fab photos of her buggy. Which although a lot of money has got me to order a brand new one from nz. I know she got hers in bits off eBay but I haven't really time on my side. I loved idea of double with seat on top but had nowhere for it to store. The single will fold upsmaller & depending on who got when will use with 1 or 2 seats on.
A lot of money but the good thing is i'm selling my doble to help fund it. I've also looked on the fact that my new mindee I will have for a month to pay for the buggy but after that I will make their money as profit. Something I wouldn't have been able to do if I didn't invest in the buggy.

fraktion Sun 27-Jan-13 14:07:50

If you use a sling don't for goodness sake get a Baby Bjorn or dimar. Get a good soft structures carrier like an Ergo or a Manduca, or a sturdy woven wrap (not a stretchy like a Moby). Your back will thank you and they're better for children too.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sat 26-Jan-13 23:24:36

Minding - I have a single, a static seat (like the one in your link) and a reclining toddler seat. I also bought the two different types of front adaptor so that I can attach either type of extra seat to the front. The single buggy with one extra seat sells for relatively little when they do come up on eBay. It took a while to get everything I wanted but was definitely worth the effort smile.

I'm happy to send you a photo of mine set up if you like? I could talk about ABCs all day long grin <aware that I need to get a life!!>

woahthere Sat 26-Jan-13 18:21:40

I have an abc triple, it is really good actually. The only problem I have is that it will fit through my front door but not through my dining room door so to get it through i have to tip it on its side and take the wheels off! But they are very easy to take off. I couldnt have managed without it the past few months. I got mine off ebay for £500, but what you have to do is just keep an eye on them. I bought mine and then saw one for less than half the price go a few days later...was gutted! Would never dare getting on a bus with it though!

mindingalongtime Sat 26-Jan-13 15:58:49

Hiccup that is exactly what I am looking for, would you mind telling how you did it please! Is it like this ebay Thank you with an extra front seat?

fudgesmummy Fri 25-Jan-13 19:07:28

I have got a triple off road mountain buggy with lovely big pumped up Tyres which I use every day to do the 3 mile school run. It fits on most pavements ok and I regularly go to sainsburys with it. I've got a 9 seater mini-bus and it fits in the boot unfolded like some sort of air-craft carrier!!! Its fab and well worth the money that it cost

Chica1912 Thu 24-Jan-13 18:34:16

Im a cm and had the abc double with toddler seat on the top and used a bus frequently, it was no more difficult to get on and off (using the back door only though) than my double mountain buggy. It would have been near on impossible to collapse it though and I was never asked to do it, I did have to wait for another bus if there was a wheelchair on the bus already but to be honest I didn't mind that as is happened so occasionally. I really miss my abc and wish id never sold it!

badgerhead Thu 24-Jan-13 16:37:07

The joovy is hard to push if heavily loaded, I certainly have noticed it giving me a work out! it's very long & difficult to turn round tight corners so probably a problem on a bus sad

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Thu 24-Jan-13 10:44:29

I also have an ABC. Mine is a single with one seat on the top and another on the front so is the width of a single and no longer than a single. It is, however, quite a bit heavier than a single but easily manageable.

Mine came, in various stages, from eBay and cost roughly £400 to have it exactly how I wanted it (that also includes the cost of getting an adaptor bar sent from ABC which probably cost more than the rest of the buggy!).

I don't think I'd try to get it on a bus though.

sillymillysmummy Thu 24-Jan-13 06:48:40

I had an abc and it was fantastic however, I can't imagine getting on a bus with it, they are very large. Sorry, I've nothing more constructive to say, triples really are a bit of a nightmare.

calmlychaotic Wed 23-Jan-13 23:06:48

thanks so much for the advice i was just about to buy the o baby, glad i didnt, i like the look of the joovy big caboose, hard to get an idea of size, anyone know if it would be possible to get on a bus, and is it very hard to push?. I do lots and lots of walking and i want it to not be too horrible to push.
t3 jogger and valco looking good too.

KateShmate Wed 23-Jan-13 10:31:54

Please please steer clear of the oBaby pop-up! I have triplets and bought the obaby triple to keep as an emergency buggy, and even with 3 small girls in it, I could barely steer it. Total nightmare.
We've got the ABC buggy with a double and single seat on top - we bought ours new because we knew that we would get loads of use out of it, but I have seen them go cheap on eBay?

We've also had the Peg perego tandem triple which is like pushing the titanic - not bad steering though as it actually has a steering wheel! We only got this one as all the pavements near us are really small.
We do go on quite a lot of walks and to the beach etc, but the PP wasn't much of an off-road buggy. When our triplets were newborns we got the Mountain buggy triple which is just a triple side by side, mostly because it was the only triple buggy with carrycots. However we found that the double mountain buggy with double carrycot could hold 3 babies! So we traded the triple in for the double, and that was a lovely push - possibly the sturdiest buggy I've ever pushed.
Have a look on eBay at the T3 joggers - there are at least 3 on there starting at £250.
Definitely keep looking around on gumtree, ebay etc for the ABC - is soo worth it!

2plus1 Wed 23-Jan-13 10:06:04

Initially when the beans were newborn I used a baby bjorn sling and a twin buggy but after some weeks of baby growth my back was not agreeing with this idea. I then used the peg perigo triplette which was not likely to fit on any bus but enabled everyone to lay down for a snooze! Then after 6-8 months and the beans being able to sit upright (woohoo), I switched to the Valco trimode which is the same as the T3 jogger so was a twin buggy with a seat mounted on the front. This was brilliant for getting out for me. We had an ABC but not with the toddler seat and I loved the ABC buggy. BUT my issue with getting a toddler seat on the top of our ABC was the height as I am only 5'2 and trying to see around the top seat. In any case I cannot see that a bus trip will be easy unless you can get on with the children in the buggy. My Valco would fit but I had to wait until the wheelchair section was empty to be able to park the children/buggy in that spot, so may have to wait for 2/3 buses. Expecting a mum (or nanny) of three babies to get them all out and dismantle the buggy is equivalent to asking a disabled person to get out of their chair. How on earth anyone would expect me to take three babies out, hold them all safely and dismantle the buggy, then seat them all on the bus with just one pair of hands and one lap would exasperate me!

I have to confess my car became an essential part of life with three!

badgerhead Wed 23-Jan-13 08:10:06

The one with a seat over the front wheel is a T3 jogger, alternatively you could try the Joovy Big Caboose. I have one of these, you have two sitting forwards & the third either sits on a bench facing the rear, or the bench can be slid forward & they can stand as though on a buggy board which is integral to the pushchair. It is good because it is narrow, but it is very long and heavy to steer if you have older/heavier children on board. A tip put the heaviest in the middle, lightest in the front and encourage the third one to walk, especially up hill!

NannyBeth Wed 23-Jan-13 04:22:26

I nanny for triplets and we have the abc buggy with 2 underneath and one on top. Not sure how old the children are but I think it's mountain buggy do a triple that's a double with a toddler seat on the front??

I agree with possibly having one in a sling if possible?

Also the abc is virtually impossible to fold - if I had to, I would get off public transport rather than folding!!!

ceeveebee Wed 23-Jan-13 00:16:46

How old are the DCs? Could you sling one or use a buggy board?

BackforGood Wed 23-Jan-13 00:10:19

Friend who had triplets had one, but rarely used it in the end, as not only could she not get through doorways with it, she couldn't even get between the garden walls and the lamposts on her part of the street!

Might get more helpful replies if you go onto the 'multiples' threads ? (might even be someone looking to sell one!)

calmlychaotic Tue 22-Jan-13 23:45:30

can anyone recommend one. really want the abc adventure type, but really can't justify spending that much. over 1000, i was hoping to find one I can get onto the bus without having to fold,( obviously I would if I wheelchair user got on don't want to start that argument! ) but starting to think that's an impossibility. there is a side by side o baby one that's cheap about 170 on amazon might just go for that but worried it will be nightmare to push and won't fit thro7ugh any doors.

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