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new CM looking for advice please

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brightpinkleggings Tue 22-Jan-13 12:26:44

I have just become registered as a childminder and i have a 2 year old starting with me in the next few weeks. I am looking for some ideas for learning journeys and the best way to record observations and assessments. Any advice would be really welcome!

Runoutofideas Tue 22-Jan-13 12:50:34

I am relatively new too (I registered 9 months ago). I have a file for each child split into the different areas of learning. I make observations while the children are playing, onto sticky labels or post it notes which I can then put straight into the learning diary without re-writing it all. I keep the observations pretty brief, then stick them in the diary next to any appropriate photos. The diary also has a section for parents to complete about their children's likes and interests, in case there are new things which were not mentioned when the child initially joined me. I also did a parental satisfaction questionnaire which the parents complete after the first month or so, or when the child is settled. I have also put the age relevant "development matters" in the file and ticked and dated when I have observed something related to a statement. I then use gaps in this to help with my planning.
When I had my first graded inspection in October, the Ofsted inspector was happy with them. They seem to be very hot on parental input at the moment as even though I had the things listed above, she wanted me to have somewhere for parents to log their child's developmental progression. She also wanted me to send story sacks home and get parental feedback. I felt this was one step too far and seemed like homework for 2 yr olds, but I just nodded along with the inspector!

brightpinkleggings Tue 22-Jan-13 13:43:03

Its really good to hear from you. That sounds good and pretty straight forward thanks. For some reason i am really struggling to come up with anything. I think after doing the CYPOP5 course and registration i can't quite believe i am actually going to start CM!

Runoutofideas Tue 22-Jan-13 14:21:58

Forgot to say, by the time my grading inspection happened, I had done 2 yr checks for my 2 year olds. She was pleased to see this as it showed I had thought about how I was going to do it and is a requirement of the new EYFS.
Good luck with it - I am really enjoying it so far. (No children today though, hence Mnetting!)

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