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Please help. How much should I be paid?

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Tinkerbella23 Mon 21-Jan-13 09:34:27

Hi all.Im all new to this site.
I have been working for a family for over a year now,I use to work every weekend Friday 5 o'clock until Monday 9am for a 9 month old and a 4 year old, I was paid £200 plus £10 petrol for the whole weekend baring in mind I was up during the night several times,some weekends up most of the night so very tiring,it was agreed that once I had been there 3 months my wage would go up to my agreed £250 but I then only did every other weekend as I to a job during the week so then Friday 6pm until Sunday 1pm and I then got £150 plus £10 petrol as I take the children out most of the day in my car. All this I believed to be very little pay for all that I do and the household jobs I do to help out also.however I never mentioned this is my only income and I have just recently found our I'm 3 months pregnant,I have told mum this and she weeks later has now told me she is pregnant and only 4 weeks behind me so when the baby comes she wants me to do every weekend again so. Will then have to leave my baby with my fella and will be around the same times Friday 6pm until Sunday 1pm possibly later. The children when I will have to return to work will be 6 weeks old,2 years old and 5 years old.
I have told mum I want a pay rise and she said she will do and not to worry about money and she will sort it when I return after having my baby.
I have been worrying and having restless nights thinking about the money situation and wondering how much I deserve and how much I should be paid.baring in mind a 6 week old on its own will be very hard work and constant throughout the day and night and the nearly 2 yer old still wakes 3-4 times a night for juice or dump.
Please advise.i live in the Lancashire area,childcare qualified and experienced and soon to be first time mum of my own.
Help and advise really appreciated.

Tinkerbella23 Mon 21-Jan-13 18:16:44

I suppose I could ask if my boyfriend can come and see us as I don't want to not see my baby for a whole day it's gonna be boyfriend is n loved with the children so I can't see why it would be a problem and its only a 5 minute walk to their house for him that way maybe I can try and breast feed my baby and have a little cuddle with it and he can give me a helping hand for a few hours its something I could consider.I've always been anti breast feeding but I really want to try,I will never do it in public though as I'm embarrassed and my mum has ten children and never did it for any of us so I've always thought I would bottle feed but ill give it a go at least and I will look at that site thank you smile

Irishfairy Tue 22-Jan-13 23:18:44

I think you should definitely look into what maternity pay you are entitled too before you stress yourself out anymore. Depending on how long you have been working at your other two part-time jobs you should be able to qualify for statutory maternity pay. If not you may be able to get maternity allowance
I think your weekend employer has been quite unfair with the very low pay, long nights and pressurising you into returning so soon when you will have just had your own baby.
Even if she is only taking 6 weeks maternity leave that doesn't mean you have to. You are having a baby too so should be able to decide when you want to return within the maternity leave guidelines (if you want to return at all that is)
Even if the mother agrees to an increase in pay you may find it is too exhausting with having your own newborn also and you may find it very difficult to leave your baby for a large block of time when it is so tiny.
I really hope you can have some time off with your baby and then find a job where you can bring your own baby along and not work such long hours with terrible sleep and difficult children. I wish you all the best and definitely look into what maternity benefits you are entitled to. If you call NannyTax on 020 3137 4401 they will give you free advice on what you are entitled to. Good luck

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