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Taxi for London babysitters

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AbbyCat Mon 21-Jan-13 06:25:03

We drop ours home if we get back past 10 (she lives 10mins away) and would give her taxi money if we couldn't. We do live further out though and streets are pretty deserted at that time.

malovitt Mon 21-Jan-13 06:09:08

I think most people wouldn't feel happy asking a youngish female adult to catch the tube/nightbus alone at midnight after babysitting.

However, it would add around £10/£12 to the cost of a night out.

I babysit in central London and always take my car, or I wouldn't do it.

Gabby57 Sun 20-Jan-13 23:02:01

Is there a general rule of thumb for when you should give money to babysitters for a taxi? We live in London near good public transport and our babysitters are always adults. Is there a time (11:30/midnight) when it is expected or always? Thanks

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