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8mo DD just had first settling in session with CM - please reassure me that she'll be ok?

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ZuleikaD Sun 20-Jan-13 09:03:38

I'm sure it'll be fine, but at 8m I would have expected at least three settling-in sessions, none near a nap and at least one over a mealtime.

I would disagree with Mypyjamas on the saying goodbye front - as a CM I would always insist that parents say goodbye - preferably a breezy wave and a cheery 'see you later'. Sneaking off isn't the right way to go.

Mypyjamasarebaggy Sat 19-Jan-13 09:30:14

We've just started doing the same settling in too. I think timing it right (in so far as one is able!) helps. I stayed for a bit before I left and then just slunk away while she was playing and DD didn't notice I'd gone by all accounts. Try & stay in a sunny mood when you arrive and same when you collect. I'm sure they pick up your emotions about situations. We are going for second go on Monday weather permitting. Good luck to us both! X

Enfyshedd Sat 19-Jan-13 09:11:04

On Thursday, DD had her first settling in session with her new CM for an hour; she's due to have 2 hours next Thursday then 6 hours a day Mon-Thurs from the following Monday.

Admittedly, DD didn't have the best lead up to her session because she normally naps between 9-10, and didn't go to sleep until 10.30 in her pram before we had to wake her up at 11am for the drop off. She hadn't really come around properly before DP & I left, and apparently she cried and was inconsolable for 45 mins of the hour. She then cried again when we arrived to collect her (the look DD gave us!!), but was completely settled down by 15 minutes after we left.

The CM said it's quite normal at her age (8mo on Monday) as 8-9mo is the hardest age for them to settle, and DD seems to be a precocious little thing following a week in SCBU when she was born. Also the late & short nap wouldn't have helped. The CM was confident that next week will be better as DD has now had time in the house and will be a little more familiar with the surroundings & people The CM are a mother & daughter set up (and both husbands are also registered so they can help), and I've had loads of recommendations from people who've known them personally & professionally for years.

Please reassure me that it's just nerves over returning to work after looking after DD 24/7 for 8 months!

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