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MNHQ Are Doing A Very Quick Survey - Childcare Costs

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nannynick Tue 15-Jan-13 17:32:33

Over on SiteStuff, MNHQ have posted a link to a very quick (4 question) survey they are doing.

"Justine is due to talk at a Resolution Foundation event this Thursday. So we were wondering where Mumsnetters stood on the issue of childcare and what they would most like government to do about addressing the high cost"

Childcare Costs Survey

Survey is open to anyone who has a child - so alas not me or the other childless childcare providers on here. However for everyone else, take the survey, so Justine knows what mumsnetters would like Government to do.

Italiana Tue 15-Jan-13 21:36:17

As a cminder I feel that none of the questions will produce a solution to the childcare debate

The cost has roots in many areas: bureaucracy, red tape, LAs own restrictions and above all the funding for the Free Entitlement which is heavily subsidised by providers hence fees rising steadily outside of those free hours since 2008

How many parents know that we get as little as £3.50 ph for what is considered to be free education?

The govt does invest £7bn in childcare but it has lost track of it
True reforms and affordable childcare will only happen when the govt listens to those who deliver childcare and education as promised in the childcare Commission

Tax breaks, deregulation or higher ratio will not solve the matter

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