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Would you close?

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fivesacrowd Tue 15-Jan-13 09:33:50

Dd2 has been poorly since Friday with headache, temp and sore throat. Kept her off school yesterday and she slept most of the day. Phoned mum of mindee I was meant to have today at tea time last night and she decided to get his gran to look after him today to let me look after dd. She's still not great and I don't know what to do about tomorrow. I usually have 4 minded kids on wed from 3 families so lots of parents to let down. If it was d&v I would have to close and so would have told parents by now, but this might just be heavy cold (possibly picked up from mindees) and she might be well enough for school tomorrow. How late would you wait to make decision to close?

pepperrabbit Tue 15-Jan-13 09:37:18

Can you keep her separate from the others? My cm normally tells me if her daughter is poorly and keeps her in her room (not under lock and key!).
As a parent I'd rather have the choice and I'd need time to make alternative arrangements.
I assume she won't need your undivided attention all day so you would be able to look after the other children?
So I'd be calling maybe mid morning today to give the parents the choice about tomorrow, then open with the parents fully informed and having made their own decision.

Runoutofideas Tue 15-Jan-13 10:00:52

I would text the parents for tomorrow saying "Just wanted to warn you that dd is off school today with headache etc. There is a chance that she will be off school again tomorrow. If you wish to send your child to me then I will try to keep the children as separate as possible - if you choose to make alternative arrangements then there will be no charge for tomorrow. Thanks" The only risk is that dd is better and goes to school and the other families sort out an alternative leaving you out of pocket. I think it is a risk you may have to take though...

fivesacrowd Tue 15-Jan-13 11:49:42

Thanks for replies. She's now up and about, eating normally and watching endless disney channel. Throat much better due to healing power of costas iced lemonade! Will keep an eye on her in case she relapses but hoping she'll be able to go back to school tomorrow. Just hope her siblings don't go down with it now. I've txt the parents to let them know what's been going on - now waiting for responses. Worst case scenario, I have day off tomorrow with no kids at all!

fivesacrowd Tue 15-Jan-13 12:06:47

Oh and have to repay the prepaid fees sad

HSMM Tue 15-Jan-13 17:36:39

I do what runoutofideas suggested. Give the parents the choice and offer to refund if they choose not to come. I also leave DD in her room and wash my hands thoroughly after checking on her.

fivesacrowd Tue 15-Jan-13 21:22:18

She's still going to be off tomorrow so have contacted all parents. Two have decided to keep their dc away and so will be refunded. Other mum has decided to still send her two as so much going around she thinks they'll be exposed to germs wherever they are. My dd much better than she was, just not well enough for school so plan is to keep them busy separately and hopefully go out to park for some fresh air as its really cold and crisp here but not snowy - yet!

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