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Time to catch up (So grateful!!) CM

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LingDiLong Sat 19-Jan-13 16:47:38

Surfandturf, I've been considering a cleaner. How much do you pay? And how many hours do they do? How does it fit in with you working and having lots of children in the house?

surfandturf Sat 19-Jan-13 11:19:15

InNeatCognac my LA have told us we still need to do observed on children in shared care although we don't need to do anywhere near as many if they spend less time with us than than the other setting - suggested one per month should be adequate and I believe Ofsted really hot on sharing information and communicating with other settings so you need to be able to prove you are doing that too.

MUM2BLESS I work 5 days a week 7.30am till 6 and occasionally weekends. I have 2 children of my own (school age), care for 7 early years children and up to 8 after school over the course of the week. I employ a cleaner to take care of the housework but do tend to fall behind with paperwork every now then. I just get it clear and suddenly there's more. It's never ending! I am also doing my nvq3 but I must admit I give my cm paperwork priority over nvq assignments. I have to be realistic and cming pays my bills. The local council are pushing for me to be accredited by July (there is a shortage in this area) but I don't mind if it's not completed till 2014. I think it's really important not to put too much pressure on myself.

I don't have to take on so much business but I love what I do and get so much satisfaction out of helping people. I have learnt to say no if it is going to be inconvenient though! Took a while to realise that though! wink

MUM2BLESS Thu 17-Jan-13 14:05:21

Thanks for your reply InNeatCognac. You made me smile.

I am doing my tax return (still) not hard but takes times. I will try and start the next one in April. Will give it ago.

The little one is sleeping and I am enjoying some quiet time.

InNeatCognac Tue 15-Jan-13 20:33:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MUM2BLESS Tue 15-Jan-13 20:02:41

Thank you so much.

InNeatCognac* you have my attention.

I think I've got paperwork down to a fine art, tell me more...... how do you do it.

You are wise in doing your tax return in April.

InNeatCognac Mon 14-Jan-13 10:51:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fivesacrowd Sun 13-Jan-13 16:50:34

I work 4 days and cm 6 plus my 3 dc who are 9,11 and 14. Most parents are teachers so I do mostly term time with 1 mindee ad hoc in hols when it suits me. Works really well for me work/life wise, but I know I've been really lucky with all the mindees I've got.
I try to keep on top of paperwork, but know i probably have less of it to do as I'm in Scotland so dont have ofsted to deal with. Did feel a bit guilty that i didn't do any paperwork or planning over the hols, but spent loads of time lounging about with my kids.
Think the lounging time has refreshed me though cos last week I felt like I was turbo charged - diaries were full of observations, toys all cleaned and reorganised, barely recognised myself grin

LingDiLong Sat 12-Jan-13 21:27:52

Runout, I'm in awe of your work life balance - so hard to achieve! I would love to be in your position in the future.

Mum2, I don't have time off in the holidays really, although I try and book a bit off here and there. And sometimes parents are off work so I don't always have the full quota of kids.

Paperwork wise I'm still on a learning curve too - I have the NCMA accounts book and try and staple receipts into the relevant page as I'm going along. As back up I have an envelope in my NCMA toolkit box where I shove receipts that I'm not sure what to do with!

MUM2BLESS Sat 12-Jan-13 19:15:27

Thanks for your comments.

Anyone busy during holiday time too (cm ding)?

I am learning how to relax and take time out for myself. How do you manage this? I can learn..........

My kids are 17 14 11 and 8.

I enjoy gardening and when the weather gets warmer I am looking forward to venturing into my gaden again.

My table has paperwork on, recipts, etc etc. How do you manage your paperwork, if you manage it confused

Runoutofideas Sat 12-Jan-13 07:28:30

LingDiLong - I am in awe of your "full, full-time"! You must be exhausted! I work 3 days per week - term-time only and I find that is perfect for me. I have 2 school aged children of my own, who don't really want to share their holidays, and I cm 8 over the course of the 3 working days. All part-time, obviously. I feel it is a good balance but I realise I am lucky for this to work for me financially. I have been a SAHM for the past 7 years, until this year, so for me the money I earn is not money we have been used to having anyway!

LingDiLong Fri 11-Jan-13 21:58:18

I have 3 of my own and another 5 on my books. Yes, it's definitely a journey. It's only when you start that you realise how you want to do things and how you don't want to do things! Love it though, best and most exhausting job I've ever done.

MUM2BLESS Fri 11-Jan-13 21:48:57

LingDitLong how many do you cm?

I have four kids and cm seven.

Its been a journey in which you learn many lessons. I am so much wiser.

I would like to work 3 days or work less hours over a period of five days (08.00 until 16.00).

I must say I am so glad that I only have one cm' ing during hols (give me time to kinna chill and catch up). I do a lot of catching up!!

LingDiLong Fri 11-Jan-13 21:10:02

Definitely in the busy and just mounting up stage....I am full, full time. And have a 2 year old of my own at home full time too. I am definitely hoping things will calm down in the next year or so when my youngest starts nursery school. I'd like to reach a stage, once the youngest is at school full time, where I only work 4 days a week so I have a week to catch up on housework/paperwork etc. I'm also doing my NVQ so really struggle to fit everything in!

MUM2BLESS Fri 11-Jan-13 21:05:14

I have been cm for over four years. Over the years I have been really really busy with work and home life. Really grateful for the work coming in.

The youngest I care for is now at pre school in the mornings. I now have some time to catch up on things. I really appreciate this time. I am doing my tax return etc.

I think it important to do the hours etc that are right for you and your family. I am aware that some cm have to work long hours for financial reasons.

Experience has taught me to consider what I take on and what I say no to.

Has anyone experienced any changes so far this year? Are you a head of yourself or behind?

Two types of busyness . 1 busy and it just mounting up.....2 busy and getting it cleared. Experienced them both. things are moving (yippee!!)

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