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Inspection due- help!!!

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Ilovebagsandbruuuce Tue 15-Jan-13 21:39:33

Hi - might be useful to you if you're expecting an inspection - lots of good feedback on the site.

goldie81 Sat 12-Jan-13 18:42:47

Ok great thanks! Yes I'm not sending homework home!! The parents wouldn't do anyway!!

calmlychaotic Fri 11-Jan-13 22:36:31

my inspection in September, as above sending 'homework' which I don't do, also massive focus on getting children(under 2's really!) input on self evaluation. and being inclusive, specifically celebrating religious festivals and learning about disabilities.

Runoutofideas Fri 11-Jan-13 16:11:32

I had mine in October and the only comments I had were about getting parental input and opinion. I have a questionnaire which I ask the parents to complete annually, as well as a space in the learning diary for parents to add any comments. The questionnaires are completed but no-one has added any comments. The inspector wanted some sort of mechanism for me to record what the children have achieved at home, development wise. She also suggested I send story sacks home and ask parents to complete a form about how the child got on with the story. This all seemed too much like homework for 2 year olds to me - so I just nodded and chose to ignore! I got "good" - apparently doing the above would have gained me "outstanding".

goldie81 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:53:00

Hi, I've been cm for 4& half yrs & got my next inspection due! Anyone got any hints & tips on what they're cracking down on at mo??!

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