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Nanny and Mileage Costs: Advice needed please

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Upsadaisy Tue 18-Apr-06 15:50:16

My current nanny is wonderful, except when it comes to the mileage she accumulates when caring for children.
Our previous nanny would mark down how many miles she had covered each day and at the end of the week we would tally up and reimburse her. We had no concerns doing things this way

However our current nanny's mileage costs are on the high side...initilally we didn't pay too much attention as she was new to the area and we expected her travels to be further than normal while she found her way around.
Her mileage has increased and last week her mileage costs were more than what me and dp spend on petrol in a week and we use quite a bit. When asked she said she isn't traveling very we have asked her to stay close to home for now.

I'd hate to think she's adding the miles herself but the thought has crossed our minds. We would like a new method of accounting for mileage but apart from asking her to write down the mileage for every journey and account for it, were clueless.

Any advice much appreciated.

SueW Tue 18-Apr-06 15:54:53

When I claim mileage for my work I have to put in the details of each journey and I odn't resent doing that- it makes complete sense.

I am amazed how much mileage i can clock up on a day running around doing errands though. E.g. drop DH off at station, go to supermarket, visit my mum and then a friend later with a return visit home in the middle. Pick up DH later. This can clock up close to 100 miles in a day and yet no one way journey will be more than 7 miles!

Uwila Tue 18-Apr-06 16:33:02

You could do a monthly expenses with a proper expense form (drawn up in Excel). She can fill in the amounts (including mileage), attach receipts, and so on. My nanny does this every month. She is expected to go through the month on £130, and she gets this advanced to her on the 1st of the month.

matnanplus Tue 18-Apr-06 16:38:14

I would not have a issue with accounting for mileage, i use my pc to as i have microsoft auto route which gives you mileage and and such infomation when you put in your journey details.

Multi map will also give you the distance between home and a destination.

The other way is like Uwila and give her a budget and that is that, but for this too work you need a rough idea of the mileage inreguard to the mileage from your home to your children's school/activities.

Upsadaisy Tue 18-Apr-06 18:02:12

Thankyou guys...I'll discuss these with dp when he gets home.

Upsadaisy Tue 18-Apr-06 18:03:40

Thankyou guys...I'll discuss these with dp when he gets home.

Upsadaisy Tue 18-Apr-06 18:03:42

Thankyou guys...I'll discuss these with dp when he gets home.

Upsadaisy Tue 18-Apr-06 18:06:52

OOps I'm not sure what happened there.

keanandable Fri 29-Jul-11 00:58:15

Hi, I am a newcomer. I was just after a little advice. I used to be paid a set amount each month and didn't charge for my petrol and car expenses. Now we are changing the way i get paid and am going to get an hourly rate. Could anyone give me a rough idea on hourly rates and how much mileage to charge. I do drop off at school and then pick up from school for evening shift. I travel 14 miles per day after leaving my house. However, from their house to the school it is only about 2-3 miles. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

nannynick Fri 29-Jul-11 06:17:58

This is an old message thread from 2006, it may be better to start a new one.

Current approved mileage rate is 45p per mile, first 10,000 business miles.
Your employer can however pay what they like, though payments up to and including the approved mileage rate do not attract additional tax.

Only the mileage from your place of work could be claimed. So calculate the mileage for the trip from Work to School and back.
Record each trip made and submit a claim weekly/monthly to your employer.

Live-out nanny hourly rates vary by location, experience, and other factors. However around £10 gross per hour is not unusual outside of London for an experienced, qualified nanny. London can be 20%-40% higher. A nanny just starting out may get around 30% less. It is up to your employer to decide what wage they will offer, then up to you to either accept or negotiate. Try looking at other jobs (nannying and non-nannying) to get a feel for the local job market.

Keep in mind that your hourly rate would also be payable from the time you arrive at work - not the time you leave your house. If you are only doing the school run and no additional childcare, then you may want to negotiate a minimum amount of hours you are paid for.

anewyear Sat 30-Jul-11 17:08:06

I know this is a old thread, but just what I was looking for thanx Nick smile

keanandable Sun 31-Jul-11 05:21:03

Thank you Nannynick, your advice was much appreciated. I live in the Northeast and I pick up from school and my care can vary from one two or three hours. Glad I found this site. Thanks again

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