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husband covering my maternity leave, childminder.

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HSMM Fri 04-Jan-13 21:01:41

Hire him as an assistant and he can volunteer? My DH got his childminder registration through before he was approved as an assistant though.

apotomak Fri 04-Jan-13 20:46:16

Why doesn't he register as a childminder himself? It took my husband 3 months from start to finish. I wasn't that busy when I was childminding on my own but now we're bursting while other childminders are quiet. It's the best thing he's done work-wise so far.

bbes Fri 04-Jan-13 20:40:52

hello, i am new to chat rooms but i really need help! i am a childminder and i am currently pregnant with my 4th child, as i have never earnt over the threshold for NI i don't think i will be entitled to maternity leave. my husband was made redundant in october and has had no luck finding another job. i was wondering if there is a way he could childmind while i'm in hospital and hopefully while i recover with a new baby??

my work situation is pretty pitiful; i only have 2 children on my books and one of those i only care for on and off in 1 month blocks when the parents require it. the other is only 2 days a week but the mum is very picky about payment and i think she would just find someone else if i let her down, i'm hoping she won't go elsewhere anyway when i tell her i'm pregnant.

i can't afford to hire my husband as an assistant as i don't even earn the minimum wage i would be required to pay an assistant and i really can't stop working as this is our only, very pathetic!, family income. i also just had my first ofsted inspection and the lady was so positive, i was rated 'good' but she said i have alot of potential - i'd feel like i'm giving up!

my husband used to work with children and still does party entertaining on and off, he has a level 2 nvq in early years education and childcare and is crb checked, i know he'll need to do the paedeatric first aid but i don't know what else or if he could look after the children without me present?

any advice would be very much appreceated, thankyou

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