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Any top tips on becoming a childminder?

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amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 08-Jan-13 21:53:30

From what friends tell me who've done it, the money is rubbish.

FattyMa Tue 08-Jan-13 21:50:10

Thanks everyone, I will come back and let you know how I get on if I decide to go for it smile

fivesacrowd Tue 08-Jan-13 15:58:40

I've just finished work for today, one little mindee who I adore and who slept for 2 hours this morning so I got some housework done, then we went for a walk to library, came home, had lunch and played in new Wendy house (see previous posts!). My house is still covered with glitter from before Christmas and the toys are everywhere, but I took my dc's to school and picked them up, had a chat with dd teacher, walked to and from school with my friend and caught up with all the gossip and now I'm about to help with homework. Some days are more challenging than today, but everyday is different and I really enjoy it, esp the extra income.
One friend who registered at the same time as me took on 11 mindees in her first few months and has now stopped minding as it was completely overwhelming so if you can afford to, build up gradually. I work four days and the rest of the week is pretty full on, but I have Mondays off and on tues only mind one from 10-2pm so I can catch up on paperwork and mumsnet! It's not for everyone, but the registration process will help to decide if its really for you and if it is then all the best and you'll get loads of advice on here.

calmlychaotic Mon 07-Jan-13 23:20:51

I didn't think I would like it and only decided to became a childminder as a temporary solution, same reasons as you really, found I love it and can't imagine going back to an office now. I work with an assistant so I'm not as isolated.

FattyMa Mon 07-Jan-13 19:49:39

Thanks again for your comments MUM2BLESS - I had a good day at work today so feeling bit more settled again. I sent of to SCMA for some info which I will research and hopefully can get the registering done whilst I'm still working that way I can keep my options open smile

MUM2BLESS Sat 05-Jan-13 12:42:34

Fudgemummy Your comments are interesting.

I love my home environment. I have the best of two worlds, working from home and bringing in an income. gave up work (outside) before my 2nd was born in 1998. I was SHM for about 10 years.

When my youngest was due to go into full time schooling I entered the world of cm'ding.

I love my space and the fact that I at times can stay and home or go to the library etc etc.

I do get adult company when I go do pick up at the school or go out to different places. Sometimes I talk sometimes I choose to be quiet.

Such flexibibility with cm

The only thing is that I miss my time as I have done longish hours over the years. Would love to work 3 day with two off or work shorter hours in the day ie 08.00 to 16/17.00.

You need to choose the hours that are right for you. Do not get too excited at take on too much to start with as you may regret it.

I remember taking on two little ones within in days of each other. From two different families. Had to use a double buggy. It was hard work as both kids were very different. Lesson learnt during that time

I hope this helps in you making up your mind Fattyma.....

fudgesmummy Fri 04-Jan-13 17:45:04

I have been a cm for nearly 20 years shock I love the company of the children, not so much so when they are tired and wingey mind you! I don't mind the nappy changing and potty training or the house getting trashed every day. The paper work gets me down, as I have an outstanding grade and am accredited there is pressure to keep on top of it but I haven't got small dc's of my own any more so my weekends are my own to get it done iyswim

What I do find hard is the isolation. I go for days with out having a proper conversation with another adult other than my DH (who is lovely but its not the same as chatting to another female) For the last 6 months I have had a childcare student on placement with me for 2 days a week and have loved having someone just to chat to during the day I am going to miss her soooooooo much when she leaves at half-term (sob)

MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 17:16:59

I have my days of challenges. I love the good days but have to deal with the times of challenges.

My personal advice would be choose carefully who you cm. I would avoid taking on a child in the same class as my son. Doing that at present. Three of the kids I cm are in the same year as my son. I know what is taking place at school as my son is taking part. I have to deal with bickering between my son his class mate.

You will get some honest advice from the mumsnet people.

How old is your son? would you choose a child younger or older than him?

Maybe you could do before and afterschool care or you may choose to take on a baby.

I cm SEVEN children. 6 term time, one when required on the hols. That works well for me personally.

I will be watching this space and learning from whats been said.....

FattyMa Fri 04-Jan-13 17:10:03

Thanks MUM2BLESS - maybe I shouldn't have been so frank in my posting. I do like the idea in theory. I find DS hard to deal with sometimes and wonder if he would play up if we had others around. I know others people's kids are generally good for others it would be my DS that would probably cause me the most stress, not wantintg to share his toys etc.

I guess I don't want to go through the whole process to find it's not for me. On the other hand I might love it.

Ok let me put it another way, does anyone NOT enjoy being a childminder?

MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 17:09:11

Me again. Cm is a very rewarding and responsible job. Somtimes I do not think that it is given the credit which it deserves.

I am fussy with my four and aim to give the best care pos. Looking after other peoples children brings a responsibiltiy which is on another level. I know my kids and can relax alittle but I have to be very alert with the cm kids.

MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 17:05:33

If I'm REALLY honest my heart isn't totally into looking after other people's children but I would give it a go. This got my attention. I am not saying its always easy as a cm but you have to put your heart in what you are doing. You may get a negative response from parents and cm who read what you have put......

To start with it may be an idea to take on a small amount of children. It depends on the amount of kids you have of your own and other important factors.

Pros - lots of flexibility, able to be there for your own kids, choose hrs, choose how many kids you want to care for, get to do lots of interesting things.

cons - can intrude into family time if you do not choose the rights hrs. For example 07.00 start, I did not like them as too early. May have to deal with challenging behaviour from kids that are not your own.

Been cm for over 4 years. To be honest I have had my challenges with behaviour, late payment, late pick up.

I have some good times with lots of activities, love my home environment.

I would advise you to think carefully if this is what you want to do. Its not just about making money, it must be want you want to do.

FattyMa Fri 04-Jan-13 16:51:13

Reposting from Chat area. Really looking for some pros and cons to becoming a childminder.

Getting fed up juggling full-time work with child-care. Our childminder recently changed her pick up time to 15 mins earlier which has caused us quite alot of hassle due to our working schedules. I just feel in a rut and wondering if becoming a childminder would be the way forward.

It would solve the school holiday childcare problems and mean I could be there to drop off and collect DS whilst getting to know more people in the local area and earning some pennies.

If I'm REALLY honest my heart isn't totally into looking after other people's children but I would give it a go.

Anyone else given up the day job and done it, any tips / advice?

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