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Making some positive changes in 2013 (cm)

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MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 13:16:09

I look back in 2012 and I know for sure I need to make some changes this year. Some things went well some did not.

* My tips are cut down on the amount of paper yr using,email things instead, now doing that with my policies and procedures, invoices etc.

Can you share your time/money saving tips with me. What changes are you making or going to make this year?

From experience I know that we have so much that we can learn from each other as mums and dads/cms/those working in the early year sector.

I aim to do my job, well but also ensure I take time out for my family, hubby and myself.

fivesacrowd Fri 04-Jan-13 13:57:50

I've bought a smaller diary and I'm just going to write the really important stuff in it and keep the nappy changes etc for the kids diaries only. Think if I spend less time writing the same things over and over again I'll have more time to play!

MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 14:25:32

I have a small diary for writing notes etc.

I am a thorough person but sometimes I need to cut back on what I am doing. On mumsnet to learn from you lovely people smile

Runoutofideas Fri 04-Jan-13 14:43:38

2012 was my first year minding so felt like I was mostly just finding my feet. This year I will be looking for different free/nearly free resources in my area. I haven't yet investigated toy libraries, but I intend to do so. I will also try different parks, rather than just my closest one. I'm going to look into buying my own photo printer, rather than sending them all off to Snapfish.

I already email my policies and invoices so don't find the paperwork side of things too bad. I will try to keep learning diaries up to date, rather than having a whole term of stuff to sort at Easter. (I send the diaries home at Christmas, Easter and Summer hols as all the children are term-time only).

fivesacrowd Fri 04-Jan-13 16:36:06

I've just been out and bought a cardboard Wendy house, new pram and doll stuff. I'm swapping all the toys round today so that when mindees come back on tues the playroom will be all fresh and full of new stuff. I'm also trying to buy less craft stuff from baker Ross and be a bit more creative with the craft stuff I've already got. Someone on here said to batch bake and freeze cupcakes for decorating so I'm going to try that too.

MUM2BLESS Fri 04-Jan-13 17:28:30

Runoutofideas - I like the idea of free resources in your area. I like to go to the library, stay and play sessions. Its not always about spending lots of money going on trips (nice to do it if possible). How many do you cm?

Fivesacrowd where did you get your cardboard Wendy house. I was looking to purchase a tent but its a bit pricey. I like arts and craft stuf but try to get them if ressonably prices.

The other day I got some long balloons for balloon modelling. Kids loved it.

The kdis I childmind love drawing. Got most some drawing pads for them.

Made FIVE different coloured play dough yesterday.

Runoutofideas Fri 04-Jan-13 18:13:33

Mum2 - I cm 8 altogether. 4 little ones and 4 after schoolies - at different times obviously. Am still researching what I can do for free, but there does seem to be quite a lot!

fivesacrowd Fri 04-Jan-13 18:20:58

Cardboard house is £10 in Argos. Not sure how big or sturdy it is yet. They had a house and a shop one in b&m before Christmas but I couldn't fit it on top of pram with other stuff. Got some craft stuff before in b&m too!

MUM2BLESS Sat 05-Jan-13 12:18:21

Thanks will take a look.

Has anyone can a cm library card? Got benefits such as longer loan time and you can also take up to 30 books etc. I look at the interests and like of the kids and choose accordingly.

If I want the boys to read I get superhero and male related interest books. Works very well. I enjoy arts and craft (drawing) the kids like it too. I have ordered some awesome how to draw books from amazon recently (fashion etc)

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