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How long did it take you to get children in

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minderjinx Thu 03-Jan-13 08:45:06

I agree with calmlychaotic up to a point! I would say it is vital not to be panicked into taking on any work no matter how unsuitable, but on the other hand if it is proving hard to break in to minding in your area, there is nothing wrong in my view in being a bit more flexible than the majority, if you are able to do that with your family commitments, but viewing it as a strategy to get a few customers and some good feedback under your belt. I think it is fair to say that many parents will tend to choose minders who already have some experience and one with a child or two already on the books over one with none - and that is understandable as a lot of newly-registered minders pack it in quite quickly when they hit problems or can't make the finances work.

If you get yourself known to your local authority children's services, they may contact you when parents come to them looking for childcare advice or having trouble finding childcare. For example, you may be ideally placed to take on siblings, as larger families often find it difficult to find someone who can offer places to two or more children at once. I took on a couple of "difficult to place" children when I first started and it was actually very rewarding, in terms of experience if not financially. I am still friendly with one of the mums three more children down the line, and I know she has given me glowing reports to friends and relatives. I have also since had a number of council staff come to me for care of their own children, including the manager of the children's centre. I still do emergency care, both privately and for the council. If I am quiet, I happily take children for the odd day or two or just a few hours, and this has resulted a couple of times in families coming back to me later when they have more regular childcare requirements.

So, to sum up, I'd say do what works for you, but do it with your eyes open! Good luck.

laughinglikeadrain Thu 03-Jan-13 08:18:44

also i dont agree with turning away kids that perhaps dont suit your 'ideal' hours.

i have a sunday child 2 - 3 hours who then came for another 2 days in the week. I have a saturday boy, and an evening boy.

both of the boys are older ( 8+) and are really easy to mind because they dont need what the babies need. You can ask them what they want to do and they get on with it (so long as the parents agree) my evening boy plays in the road with my dd who is 9. this is acceptable to the parent and she says that he doesnt play out at home because he has no friends there.

sorry, my point is that at first i thought these would be a bit of a pita, but they really arent!

If the hours arent ideal, then take them on a one month trail, parents are glad for a respite in looking when they are desperate, or using family and friends, and it might just work.... but you dont know until you try.

laughinglikeadrain Thu 03-Jan-13 08:13:34

i found that the parents wont pay either, but what they do is they phone me and say i found you on the internet!

if you make your ad realistic and name the schools you are willing to drop to or collect from they can work out your location and then if you are on Yell, you arent hard to find.

good luck, keep with it....... they will come x

Runoutofideas Thu 03-Jan-13 08:10:59

I agree with calmlychaotic. If the hours don't work for you, don't try to make them work. I have turned down people wanting the days of the week which are my days off, and after school times which don't fit with my own children's activities. I also only take term-time only. I am lucky that demand for childminders in my area is high, so I can afford to be choosy.

calmlychaotic Thu 03-Jan-13 01:37:13

I got all of mine from childcare website or word of mouth took about 3-4 months, I would recommend not doing what I did and take someone on with a really low rate or hours that really don't suit you because you panic you won't get anyone, you are stuck with them and you end up having no space for a more suitable child. I paid the subscription on childcare and went through and contacted everyone, I found just putting the advert up didn't get much interest as most parents don't pay so can't contact you. good luck.

Runoutofideas Wed 02-Jan-13 16:00:23

I started 9 months ago, I only work part-time but I am as full as I want to be. Most of my business has come through word of mouth at my dds school, although I have had a few through netmums. Always worth contacting those who are advertising for childcare wanted on sites as well as just putting your own ad on. Good luck!

LingDiLongMerrilyonHigh Wed 02-Jan-13 12:47:16

Same as HSMM - one child immediately and then full 6 months later. The vast majority came from online; I'm on Mumsnet, netmums,, the family info service website, and google maps. I also have a blog which I used to make me 'googleable'; if people type childminder and my locality in, I'm on the first page.

I did also put posters up but didn't seem to get much from there. Also made sure I went to loads of playgroups and took business cards with me in case anyone there was looking.

Good luck!

fraktion Tue 01-Jan-13 23:46:21

There are other sites you can advertise on - netmums, the local here, Gumtree and Nannyjob also list CMs despite the name.

It will depend in the amount if competition around you and whether you're priced competitively/can offer a niche service too.

emmajane500 Tue 01-Jan-13 23:12:42

Ahh ok brill . I've advertised on childcare and the council will be sorting my add out on line soon when they go back into work , so hoping it won't be long . X

HSMM Tue 01-Jan-13 23:09:03

DH got 1 child straight away and was full by 6 months on.

emmajane500 Tue 01-Jan-13 22:33:09

I've started advertising just wondered how long it took you all to start your business . Emma . Xx grin

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