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child care above 5

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Twinklestarstwinklestars Sun 23-Dec-12 01:03:29

I have two student parents, both who regularly change hours and one of whom does placements in blocks of 8 weeks and needs early/lates/nights covered.

You need to speak to them and explain, maybe they just can't be flexible, I have a minimum contract for these children so I get paid for the place then add any extras on. And agree with others you don't employ a childminder.

apotomak Sat 22-Dec-12 20:50:14

1. I have 4 weeks for any changes to come into life from the notification however if able I try to accommodate sooner.
2. You do not employ a childminder. Childminder is self employed and therefore she can decide how she wants to work and when she wants to charge. It should all be clearly explained in the contract which you must have signed. Some childminders charge in school holidays even if you do not use them but some don't. It's up to them to decide how they work and up to you to decide if you want to use their services with those rules in place.
3. Childminding is a job just like any other but we are self employed.
4. Yes you should stick to the notice period but you can discuss any earlier changes but the childminder does not have to agree to them.
5. You cannot claim more than you're entitled to. It's fraud.
6. Absolutely ... hours and the extent of flexibility should be clearly stated in the contract.

It seems to me that breakdown in communication is an issue. You need to arrange a separate meeting where you discuss exactly what you need childcare wise and see if the childminder can meet your requirements. If she cannot offer you flexibility you need you obviously will need to look elsewhere.

Runoutofideas Sat 22-Dec-12 17:58:32

I think you need to sit down with your childminder and clearly discuss whether she can provide what you need. It sounds to me like you need a lot of flexibility which she may not be able to offer.

Some childminders charge just per hours used, some charge for contracted hours regardless, some charge for holidays, some don't. it is up to the childminder what her terms of business are. If they don't suit you then you need to look elsewhere (understandably hard if everyone else is full though...)

nannynick Sat 22-Dec-12 15:20:56

What country are you in?
In the UK you do not employ a childminder, they run their own business and as a client you sign an agreement which lays out the terms of business.

Have a look at any paperwork you have with regard to the times/days that childcare are provided and any flexibility (if any) there is if you need to change hours on occasion.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 07:38:28

I've reported this thread to HQ so it can be put in the right topic.

And, no, there are not email notifications to thread answers on MN.

ida250 Sat 22-Dec-12 06:40:45


helpchildcare Sat 22-Dec-12 04:35:25

hi, i am new so I hope im in the right place for support and advice... also hope email notifications are given so I can access this support !!!
I have 2 of my children currently recieving childcare , i entered the contract with flexibility offered as i am not back in work but in uni to enable the quals to hopefully achieved working status again !!! i have previously used child care and contracts which were flexible to my hours however i have just employed a new child minder (due to change of area only 2 available one fully booked cheaper rates ! )this is complicated please bare with me as us mothers know nothing is easy ...
lots has happened my questions to child care provider is as followed
1, what is the exceptable time limit on changing a contract?
2, if a person contracts your employment do you allocate time un-needed within your hours ... i.e if some one does not need hours in school allocated holidays
3, Do you salary yourself
4, if a notice period time is given for changes as a parent am i contracted to still adhere to those hours
5, if some one tells you they may be entitle to bursary yet is still not obtaining it is it illegal for me to exaggerate those hours after the need is not there ( as i would see this as fraud of government money )?
6, should flexibility and available hours be set in a contract
i understand mumnet this is a lot of question however i have begun to use a cm in the believe that i was employing her hours the asking of her filling out a bursery form seems to make her believe she has the right to salary herself i am paying for half terms xmas hols easter and until a child leaves in july even though she is aware im in uni and my hours may differ i have had previous child care providers who do not operate with this style contract. she has previously moved hours and then said she doesnt work that day but moved to alternative day and then on a repeat ask withdrawn this stating contractual hours are set in stone this is a very stressful situation as im trying to be qualified to regain previous status in employment
are hours in contract set in stone ?
i am so confused as is probably this msg i feel i need legal support but i do not wish to go this route as she is the only available cm who collects from my childrens school i have only 2 which would !! one unavailable i feel i am being trapped
whenever i engage in a verbal discussion cm agrees then through texts state cannot
however when i text to confirm infirmation for that day through previous miscommunication .. she did not collect children ... i am told she didnt read msg properly and further contact should be through phone however this was exceptable til fault on her part .. was not reinburst for her mistake !!!
please i need help and support

please help

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