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Ofsted for nannies

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sleeplessinderbyshire Fri 14-Dec-12 12:26:58

Help! Just about to employ my first nanny and would like to look into this but no idea where to start - can anyone give me an idiot's guide please

nannynick Fri 14-Dec-12 14:28:44

I have a guide to registration but that is aimed at nannies.

What do you want to know specifically?
Are you in England? Are you able to get Childcare Vouchers from your employer? Are you getting childcare element of working tax credit?

sleeplessinderbyshire Fri 14-Dec-12 16:09:39

I get childcare vouchers as does my husband hence wanting to look into it

MrAnchovy Fri 14-Dec-12 17:21:13

Do you mean you want to know how a nanny goes about registering with Ofsted:

1. Note that Ofsted calls nannies "home childcarers" and they register on the Voluntary Child Care Register (also known as Part II of the Child Care Register) NOT the Early Years Register.
2. Read this general guide to registration and this guide to the requirements in each case ignoring the parts that don't apply to home childcarers (I did make an edited version of the requirements that highlighted those that apply to nannies but it is slightly out of date).
3. Note that the main requirements are
(i) a CRB check (which Ofsted will oragnise)
(ii) Common Core Skills training
(iii) First Aid training - make sure this is a 12 hour (2 day) Paediatric First Aid course
(iv) Insurance
Links to providers for all of these (with discounts for members) are available on the British Association of Professional Nannies site.
3. Get the nanny to register for a Government Gateway account if she hasn't already got one (actually do this first as it takes a few days for the password to come through by post).
4. The nanny can start the registration process here.

nannynick Fri 14-Dec-12 17:34:52

Or do you want to know about what documentation the nanny will show you and what you need to tell the voucher company:
Ofsted Registration Certificate (contains a reference number which the voucher company needs)
First Aid Certificate
Nanny Public Liability Insurance schedule of insurance/certificate
Applicant copy of Enhanced CRB check which was done by Ofsted.
Some evidence of having done a training course which covered Common Core (I don't think therr is a definitive list of what Ofsted accepts)

Heinzbeancounter Fri 14-Dec-12 20:43:13

And as a matter of interest, would you allow a nanny to care for your children pending the ofsted registration (I.e before seeing a crb?)

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