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Present/bonus for nanny

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MarshmallowCupcake Tue 18-Dec-12 20:19:36

I've also been a nanny for many years and I've gone from absolutely nothing to over a month wages as a bonus! With a few 'it's not what I really wanted to get you' thrown in from one boss! Makes me wondered why she had bothered in the first place! Being given the odd early finish without having to make up the time always comes across as a huge thank you :-)

wickedwitchofwaterloo Tue 18-Dec-12 17:43:54

I agree with the posters who said about the more heartfelt gifts.
A family I have temped for on and off for about 3 years, got me a lovely pair of headphones for my 30th (I'm very into my music - they have previously got me an iTunes voucher) and from a previous family I got tattoo vouchers (you only have to see me to understand that one! Lol)

I'm always just happy that someone has gone to gone effort of getting me a present, money value isn't an issue tbh. smile

SuperDuperJezebel Tue 18-Dec-12 14:32:53

Sounds amazing to me!

Hopskipandjump Tue 18-Dec-12 10:21:33

I am getting my nanny £100 in vouchers for a local beauty spa - basically a treat for her. how does this sound?

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 17-Dec-12 13:12:06

imagine - please dont feel bad, again as callaid said (feel like im following her today lol) it totally varies on the family

i have been lucky and always had a weeks wages each xmas and small gift from charges, but its the thought that goes into the pressie not what it costs

a thank at the end of a working week means much more that anything else - the odd bunch of flowers or even going home an hour early if you are about - little things throughout the year

all these make a good employer not what you give them for christmas once a year

callaird Mon 17-Dec-12 06:37:18

imagine Please don't feel tight! I am a nanny and have been for 28 years. I've had all sorts for birthdays and Christmas. From nothing to a months wages. The most memorable gifts? Something the children have chosen (with a little nudge from parents who have gone to the effort of noticing what I like) and a card that tells me how much I am appreciated! Be it from the parents or the kids, last year my then 7 month old charge wrote me a beautiful card!!

If you do go down the voucher route, please try to make it for a shop/spa/hotel that you know she will get great use out of. But a carefully thought out present is much nicer.

ImagineJL Sun 16-Dec-12 22:25:14

I am truly astounded by the amount of money some people are able to give their nannies.

My nanny is great, I really value her and I'd planned to buy her a present and maybe a voucher, spending somewhere in the region of £50. She works 3 days a week for me, earning about £400. I have a good job, but I'm not loaded and I'm a single parent with no financial help from anywhere, so there's no way I could find a spare £400.

These threads are really depressing me because I thought I was quite a fair and generous employer, but now I feel like a mean tight old woman!

HappyAsEyeAm Sun 16-Dec-12 22:08:30

I always do a day's wages, and a box of chocs and a card from the children at Christmas. We also have a part tiem nanny (3 days a week, which is 30 hours).

I do the same for her birthday, and we have also paid a £300 annual bonus.

There are loads of threads on MN about bonuses and pay rises and what ould be paid and what nannies can expect. There is always a massive variation in what nannies receive (from a token but heartfelt gift, to a week's wages), and by and large, I think nannies just want to feel appreciated and that doesn't have to be reflected in the monetary value of a gift/bonus. Everyone's circumstances are very different.

Itstoocoldoutside Thu 13-Dec-12 22:52:29

Thank you both. Robin grin. Think we will go with weeks wages then and maybe a small gift as well.

RobinSucksInTheSnow Thu 13-Dec-12 22:24:18

I think you should give her.... a car, and a house, and a years wages as a bonus. Erm, just in case my boss is reading! No of course a week's wages as a gift is amazing, and always appreciated. I know I'd love it! In the past I've received a bottle of posh bath oil (I was live-in. My bathroom didn't have a bath!), absolutely nothing not even a card or a 'Merry Christmas'- again I was live-in! Up to a week's wages and a nice necklace the children had chosen that was right to my taste and really appreciated.

ceeveebee Thu 13-Dec-12 21:39:28

I'm planning on giving our nanny the equivalent of a week's wages plus a small gift such as a nice bottle of red wine.

Itstoocoldoutside Thu 13-Dec-12 20:16:59

Our lovely nanny works for us 1 day a week, 10.5 hours, and earns £10 net per hour. We are very happy with her and would like to get a nice Xmas pressie and/or Xmas bonus. What do you think would be appropriate? I was thinking a week's salary (so £105, although we'd round it up). Does that sound about right? Not sure whether we should get her a pressie as well. What do you think?

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