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baby in car no car seat!!

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nannycaz Wed 19-Dec-12 08:30:11

we went in two cars so all children could be in the back so that wasnt an issue it was just making mum aware that she needed a car seaat for baby which she dis in the end get

IneedAsockamnesty Tue 18-Dec-12 21:26:17

I'm pretty sure even if dc was over 3 this journey would be considered planned

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Mon 17-Dec-12 20:03:28

No chance, your right sticking to your guns. What we do on the odd occasion is adult in the back in the middle. Child in the front.

Shelley33 Mon 17-Dec-12 19:46:14

I'm a nanny and would never take a baby in my car like that. If I was in your shoes, I would flatly refuse to take them unless all the children are in car seats or boosters. Plus I think it would be your responsibility too, I've always believed that if you have children under the age of 18, then the safety, ie seatbelts, seats etc are the drivers responsibilty, once adult age then it's the individual passengers responsibilty to wear a seat belt. So you'd be in the firing line if your were stopped by the police.

nannyof3 Sat 15-Dec-12 02:27:17

U are not allowed to carry a baby for short journeys.. A 1 year old needs a secure baby seat, for sure!!!!!
Do not take this risk

nannycaz Thu 13-Dec-12 21:13:53

I would not of had the baby in the car on her knee even if it was legal, just wanted something of the internet to show them that they was wrong as they thought it was legal. Baby is 12 months but is the size of a 6 month old. Cant use my charges seats as there away next week. 10 year old needs a booster seat as she is also on the small side. shown my mum the info and now she agrees so she is going to tell her sister to find a seat or that they will have to walk

SkiBumMum Thu 13-Dec-12 19:53:19

Surely it's about the child's life not the law! Just don't do it. As for the driving instructor - I'm speechless. Google crash test dummies baby or similar and make them watch them.

Karoleann Thu 13-Dec-12 19:45:20

If you're the one driving you would be the one prosecuted for having a baby in the car without a proper seat.
I assume if you were that may affect your CRB, your driving licience. That's all you need to say to your family - If i was caught it may mean the end of my career, I can't do it.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 13-Dec-12 17:52:24

really makes me angry that some parents do this

tbh most 10yrs i know dont need booster seats

sure you can borrow a car seat for the nearly 1 yr

ZuleikaD Thu 13-Dec-12 15:58:07

You're allowed to take a baby unsecured in a taxi for short journeys but that's all. Otherwise I'm pretty sure the police can stop you.

nannycaz Thu 13-Dec-12 09:36:49

thanks part four of that link gave me just what i needed. They have obviously miss read it as it says if already two seats in bavk and no space for a third then a child over three can use a seat belt in back or have a seat in the front. Not under three. Hopefully that will get them of my back. Worst thing is the dads drivin instructor often drops then places and lets them carry baby on knee

nannycaz Thu 13-Dec-12 09:28:23

i havent looked yet but i think two booster seats and a seat for baby would fit on the back of my car. Its not even that that is the issue really that is juat being used as an excuse for them to not find a car seat as they dont have one. will have a look on that site thanks cause there is no way im doing it. Which they all think im being over the top about it

OutragedFromLeeds Thu 13-Dec-12 09:25:45

Have a look here

helpyourself Thu 13-Dec-12 09:20:11

The baby needs a proper seat more than the 10yo. Can you borrow one from your charges or ask at playgroups? Even if you're not in a taxi a friendly company might loan or hire you one? I'd be stopping people on the street asking to borrow one given your profession. The risks are infintissimal but it's unfair to ask you to drive an unsecured baby around.

DorisIsWaiting Thu 13-Dec-12 09:19:22

In that situation if you really could not get 3 car seats across the back the 10 year old could reasonably be expected to sit without a booster BUT WITH A SEAT BELT. If the car has only space for 4 people (i.e. 4 seat belts) then you would be invalidating your insurance to carry anymore and they need to find other meanbs to get there.

It is NEVER reasonable to carry a baby on the lap.

rebecca87 Thu 13-Dec-12 09:19:09

There's quite a few sites on the Internet with information on carseat requirements on

Hope this helps

nannycaz Thu 13-Dec-12 09:12:48

Ok so this is not related to my charges but thought you could all help. On monday we are going for family photos my aunty does not drive and has 3 children. one that is 7 and one that is 10 they both have booster seats. They also have a nearly one year old, who supposedly going to hold on her knee. I said there is no way im driving someone that has a baby that is not secure. for one its dangerous and two im sure its illegal. But everyone is arguing saying that as there is two booster seats in there would be no space for a car seat so you are allowed to carry a baby for short journeys which i have never heard of and dont feel comfortable with still. Tried finding it on the internet. Does anyone no where i can find info on this regarding the law and safety etc so i can get them to listen and not think im being awkward.

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