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Advice anyone on claiming tax credit at all for nanny fees ?

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nannynick Fri 07-Dec-12 11:14:35

Which country are you in? There is a difference between Scotland and England.

When working out the Childcare Cost part of tax credits claim you can include nannies Gross salary and Employers NI. I think you can also include the cost of a payroll company, as it is a cost directly associated with employing someone. See for more details.
Remember the max weekly claim amount, such as 70% of £300.

BlueyDragon Fri 07-Dec-12 10:05:42

Not the first clue about tax credits, but you can use employers' childcare voucher scheme IF your nanny is OFSTED registered. You only get the first £124 from your gross salary, so there's no tax benefit after that. OFSTED registration costs money and I think your nanny has to be insured too.

fakeblondie Fri 07-Dec-12 10:02:16

fter losing the most amazing CM we had for 10 years (she retired ) we evenyually have found the lovliest nanny for our dd aged 2 .Weve had her for apprx 6 months now and tbh i`m only working to pay new nanny-the way i see it is i chose to have anothr child so need to be 100 % re who takes care of her and this is the only option i`m happy with-i`m just maintaining my 20 years of increments on a fair salary so that one day i might actually get to keep some of it !lol
Anyway as we have less money now i was wondering if maybe i could claim anything as when i declared our cm fees at one point i got some back-only a bit but then i paid less.
Alternatively we are both (dh and i ) entitled to use or buy the childcare vouchers from our employer ?
I no our nanny is registered and everything as she is reg with a good nanny agency, although i found her privately .
Just wondered if it might be worth claiming as i assumed you couldnt for a nanny and cant remember where i got that from .

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