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Mental health history and childminding

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badgerhead Mon 03-Dec-12 16:05:08

I wouldn't write it off completely, why not try phoning Ofsted and ask to speak to a manager on the team who deal with registrations of new childminders, don't get fobbed off by whoever answers the phone, they don't always know what they're talking about. wink

Namechangeincognito Mon 03-Dec-12 14:21:18

Thats pretty much exactly my situation - I went missing and the police picked me up to go to hospital. The sections have only ever been the short 24hr version that the police can use. All hospitalisations have been voluntary. I always have complied with treatment (apart from getting into police cars when I am already terrified of imaginary things)

Looks like it is out of the question then, as is going back to care work (I have 7 years experience with the elderly and my degree is relevant)

How shit. Police shouldn't get to make medical decisions - I've had some shocking treatment off police who don't understand MH and now this.

I'm nearly at the end of a degree in social policy and literature, I suppose all the careers that use them can be written off too.

I HE my three, and I love doing educational and crafty things with my kids and when others come round to play. My house is practically a nursery as it is, and I have studied child development, art and social issues at degree level. There is a shortage of childminder places in the area and none at all without dogs in the house. Meh.

This makes me :-(

mamadoc Mon 03-Dec-12 13:44:56

Was there any police involvement at all eg when you were sectioned?
Even though you did nothing wrong it may still show up and be the cause of a refusal.
I had a friend in this position once. Police were present at the MHA assessment although they didn't do anything (was puerperal psychosis, very traumatic episode but completely treated and well now). Since they were there they wrote a brief report and as it involved a child she was later refused a CRB. She didn't in any way harm the baby but there was deemed to be a risk.
They have changed the rules and you don't have to have a caution or conviction now just any information the police think is relevant.
The police did write to her stating they would disclose the info and she had a right of reply to add her side of the story and a letter from her psychiatrist.
The organisation requesting the CRB check has the final say over whether to refuse or grant it but the police will disclose pretty much anything they have. It seemed there was no way to prevent it just mitigate it.
She found it all very distressing and its stopped her volunteering for anything ever again which is very sad.
I really hope it is better for you.

Namechangeincognito Mon 03-Dec-12 13:24:39

How can I check my CRB will pass? I have no criminal record at all.

Namechangeincognito Mon 03-Dec-12 13:23:40

So, if I go and see her first she can tell me?

HSMM Mon 03-Dec-12 06:51:48

Your GP will be asked to provide a medical letter, so if he/she is supportive then that will help.

Namechangeincognito Sun 02-Dec-12 22:41:44

I have previously been very mentally ill (sectioned, hallucinations, etc) although there was never any concern about my own children. Everything is now well under control with medication and I am back under my GP for care, no symptoms for two years.

Could I ever be a childminder, or is that realistically something to write off? How about working with another childminder or as a babysitter, leading a playgroup etc?

When I was ill I failed a CRB for helping with a rainbows group because of my MH issues and haven't dared to try one since, although my MH people since (I don't see them any more as I am better) have encouraged me as they actually think I would be brilliant with kids.

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