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Have the way CRB checks are done changed post the new EYFS?

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KatyMac Sun 02-Dec-12 10:34:21


I used to do an EYC or an EY2 for a new childminder/childcare assistant....but for some reason I think it changed

I am a little stressed atm (flood/moving out/EYP looming) - could someone check for me please?

nannynick Sun 02-Dec-12 11:32:17

I think CRB checks are now the responsibility of the provider to arrange. Not sure about the situation with Childminders.

Ofsted CRB factsheet (Oct 2012)
Says that CRB is not portable for
"the manager of registered childcare settings which provide childcare on domestic premises (we are not responsible for checking the manager of childcare on non-domestic premises)" so I think that means Ofsted do that CRB check.

The document explains the situations in which you are able to accept a CRB check done by another organisation.

Are you currently Childcare on Domestic Premises or are you are Childminder?
Is this for an new person helping at the setting but not a new registered person (owner or manager)? If it's an assistant I think you complete EY2, and if they already have a CRB check you send that in, and let Ofsted decide if they want to send out the CRB paperwork or not.

Have you had a flood at home? Oh no, hope everything is ok.

Anyone else have any idea what the situation with CRB checks is, with regard to Childminder or Childcare on Domestic Premises?

KatyMac Sun 02-Dec-12 11:37:55

I'm both CDP & CM atm

Yes - quite a bad one the setting is fine but they are moving us out for 3 weeks

So do I have to do it - bugger

A teacher has offered to help us out - 3 staff have gone on (potentially) long term sick depending on tests

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