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Disclosure & Barring Service replaces CRB on 1st Dec 2012

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lechatnoir Mon 26-Nov-12 14:13:51

About bloody time!! I have 4 current CRB's - 1 paid for by my DS's school, 1 by the LA, one by the scout movement & 1 by me all within 6 months of each and none transferable to the other. Total waste if money for all concerned so yes, I would fully support an online/central database if it stopped this current farcical arrangement.

fraktion Mon 26-Nov-12 10:23:28

I think if it were one check that were constantly updated I would pay for it myself because it wouldn't be possible to get a job without it IYSWIM. All new entrants will presumably have to pay, although maybe if you're studying a qualification it will be done by the college?

Interesting implications but I shall reserve judgement until the finer details have been announced.

Italiana Mon 26-Nov-12 07:44:45

For more information on the future of CRB checks also read the feedback from the Ofsted workshop which I have posted in a separate post

nannynick Sun 25-Nov-12 22:06:44

As has been mentioned on some message threads recently, the CRB is changing shortly.

DBS is the new name for the CRB and is the CRB merged with the remains of ISA from what I understand.

HomeOffice: Vetting and Barring Scheme has more information about DBS.

One thing of interest to many people I suspect is the Update Service, which is planned for launch sometime in 2013.

Details don't seem to me to be fully determined at this stage but the Update Service should allow an applicant to apply for a check once and then employers can check online to see if the information on the certificate is still up-to-date. Fees for that have not yet been announced and not clear if the applicant (so nanny, childminder) would be paying the fee, or if it would be the employer (in the case of a nanny) who would pay a fee.

We will need to wait and see but perhaps the DBS will finally mean that childcare workers can get just one check (which gets updated) and then have employers see online that the check is still valid.

Would you pay more for a check that is constantly updated and employers could access, than a printed certificate that you get for each new job?

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