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Au pairs - actual costs?

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Nonnus Wed 21-Nov-12 11:06:48

I am planning to get an au pair and am trying to get an idea of what it will actually cost, i.e. what are the 'extras' that you HAVE to pay for and then what are the extras that are non-essential?

From other threads on here I am estimating I'll need to pay £90 per week for an au pair aged 21+ to work 20-25 hours a week in Woking/Guildford area. Might start off at a lower weekly rate but am willing to/can afford to pay up to £90 to get/keep someone really good.

As I will need the au pair to use the bus to get to/from school to collect the DCs, I assume I will have to pay for her/his bus pass? That seems to be about £50 a month (quite expensive, I thought!). Then I have seen others on here say they pay £15 or so towards au pair's PAYG phone. Again, as I will need to contact the au pair during the day, this seems reasonable too.

Other things that I don't think I could stretch to would be gym membership, use of a car (insurance too expensive and I only have one car, which I use to get to work), and language lessons. Would the absence of any or all of these be a dealbreaker do you think?

Am also allowing an extra £75 a month in housekeeping budget to cover feeding the au pair as well as our family. Is that realistic?

Any other hidden costs I should be budgeting for?

Nonnus Fri 23-Nov-12 14:08:50

Sounds great naughtymummy, how did you find her??

blueshoes Fri 23-Nov-12 14:11:48

Even if I had to ask an aupair to leave, I would not pay for her airfare because once she is in the country, it is very easy for her to get another aupair job.

I have not had to tell an aupair to leave. When I try to performance manage a bad one, they will somehow decide they want to go suddenly and leave me in the lurch.

LadyHarrietdeSpook Fri 23-Nov-12 15:28:05

I'm not sure how easy it is. I'm sure they couldn't find a position in a week, for example, and the UK would be an expensive place to try to live for someone who'd been on an AP salary.

I would feel an obligation to buy a flight home even if they'd done something outrageous; for one thing, you'd want to draw a line under the situation so to speak and I'd feel better knowing they were on a flight back home to their parents. If they want to come back later, that's their look out.

If you hire an AP from an EU country its unlikely to set you back hundreds of pounds.

What andagain said was worth thinking about though: Don't start the process thinking what terrible things might happen etc. It's not the lowest maintenance of childcare options but then again - what really is?! Please, if anyone knows, PM me.

blueshoes Fri 23-Nov-12 16:02:08

I guess I would not just give them a week to find a new position. The most quickly I had to hire an aupair, it still took 2 weeks. If I had to give notice, I would give them a month, whilst I look in the meantime.

Most times the aupairs read the writing on the wall and decided to leave me in the lurch anyway. So I am afraid I did not find it in my heart to finance their airfare home.

naughtymummy Fri 23-Nov-12 16:40:14

Sorry had to go on elongated school run. She advertised in newsagents window. Herllittle girl was one and she wanted something part-time and low stress. She has been with us 3years in April smile

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