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Would this be a suitable role for an Au Pair?

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I've donned my flameproof suit as I know these threads rarely go well grin

DH and I are considering hosting an Au Pair. We'd want him or her to drop DS off at nursery for four mornings a week and look after him for two afternoons per week (sole charge, but DH and my parents would be very very close and able to be called upon in any emergency) We'd also want him/her to do light housework while DS was at nursery.

There'd be no babysitting, three full days off per week and obviously a nice room, all food provided, English lessons if s/he wants them...

Does this sound reasonable? Or is any 'sole charge' element totally inappropriate for an Au Pair?

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MummytoMog Wed 09-Jan-13 14:26:37

We don't have an au pair (yet) but DH works from home and our current temp nanny has no problem with that. DH works in his office and comes out for lunch and the occasional cuddle. Nanny stays in living room with DCs, takes them out when she feels like it etc etc.

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