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How much notice? advice please

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dblte Thu 15-Nov-12 19:03:08

Im a nanny and have been in my current employment for 14months. I now feel after being with them for a year that i am just being used.
I work 25 hrs over 3 day, and get paid min wage - i was hoping and thought out of kindness that they would review my pay and give me a minor rise.
I often do little errand for them whenever & pick up a paper & milk in the mornings. I still havent had a contract - even though i have asked for one one a few occassions - but as they have their own business they say they r always too busy. they both work from home but in outbuildings, yet still they dont come in until dead on 5, even 5/10 past! i was asked to work last sat for a few hrs so the parents could go 4 a meal, which was fine, but then i had a msg to work 7 hours while they went shopping, at this point i said No, working all day on a weekend 4 min wage just doesnt do it 4 me anymore. but obviously they weren't happy with me saying no. im always doing favours for them and get nothing in return apart from my wage slpi at the end of the month.
I think its time now i hand in my notice and want to know how much to give. obviously i want to leave on good terms as we live close by and also i love the child loads and we have grown a special bond. do i wait until after xmas?

nannynick Thu 15-Nov-12 19:24:40

ACAS: Notice & Rights
One week notice is sufficient legally as you don't have a Written Statement/Contract. However do check all communication between you and your employer, such as e-mails, to confirm that you have not agreed to a specific notice period.

Do you have another job to go to?

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