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E Truss: first interview with Nursery World

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Italiana Mon 12-Nov-12 19:51:39

Here we have or may not have some ideas of what the under secretary is planning for us

Italiana Tue 13-Nov-12 07:23:40

In her interview Truss speaks about reducing red view is that red tape has hugely increased recently...I wonder what your experience is on this matter
As I am going to the conference 4 Dec with Truss speaking I am preparing my list of red tape...either that personally experienced or referred to me by providers

My List so far
-LAs carrying out mini inspections on c/ms
-Restrictions to belong to a Childminding network
-Doubling of funding: what is given to LAs and Associations to support us and also does not reach to c/ms
-Lack of peer support network
-Lack of independence
-Confusing funding streams-LAs accountability
-Training opportunities

Let me know what yours are

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